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Aug 26, 2011
Alex Ovechkin has now won a championship in hockey after 13 season of excellence. It made we wonder what star players in the four major team sports would be candidates to be the next great player to be so rewarded, considering the quality of the player and how long they have waited. Mike Trout, (baseball) and Anthony Davis (basketball) are obviously great players but they haven't been around that long. Bartolo Colon, (baseball) and Matt Bryant (football) have bene around for a long time but not been great players.

I'm not a big hockey guy so I looked at the Hart (MVP) trophy winners of this century and came up with:
Joe Thornton Joe Thornton Stats | Hockey-Reference.com
Henrik Sedin Henrik Sedin Stats | Hockey-Reference.com
Carey Price Carey Price Stats | Hockey-Reference.com
Connor McDavid seems more in the Trout/Davis mold: Connor McDavid Stats | Hockey-Reference.com

I took the same approach for basketball but all I could come up with was:
Derrick Rose, who seems to be washed up: Derrick Rose Stats | Basketball-Reference.com
and Russell Westbrook: Russell Westbrook Stats | Basketball-Reference.com
I clicked on the 'V' to look at the voting and decided to add:
Carmelo Anthony Carmelo Anthony Stats | Basketball-Reference.com
Chris Paul Chris Paul Stats | Basketball-Reference.com
Dwight Howard Dwight Howard Stats | Basketball-Reference.com
James Hardin James Harden Stats | Basketball-Reference.com
Blake Griffin Blake Griffin Stats | Basketball-Reference.com

Looking at baseball, here are some MVPs:
Joey Votto Joey Votto Stats | Baseball-Reference.com
Ryan Braun Ryan Braun Stats | Baseball-Reference.com
Andrew McCutchen Andrew McCutchen Stats | Baseball-Reference.com
Clayton Kershaw Clayton Kershaw Stats | Baseball-Reference.com
Giancarlo Stanton Giancarlo Stanton Stats | Baseball-Reference.com
Some MVP also rans:
Carlos Gonzalez: Carlos Gonzalez Stats | Baseball-Reference.com
Adrian Gonzalez Adrian Gonzalez Stats | Baseball-Reference.com
Troy Tulowitzki Troy Tulowitzki Stats | Baseball-Reference.com
José Bautista Jose Bautista Stats | Baseball-Reference.com
Adrián Beltré Adrian Beltre Stats | Baseball-Reference.com

The NFL offers these MVPs:
Adrian Peterson Adrian Peterson Stats | Pro-Football-Reference.com
Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Stats | Pro-Football-Reference.com
The NFL version of the site didn't have a listing of the others who received votes so i looked at some career totals:
Julius Peppers Julius Peppers Stats | Pro-Football-Reference.com
Philip Rivers Philip Rivers Stats | Pro-Football-Reference.com
Carson Palmer Carson Palmer Stats | Pro-Football-Reference.com
Terrell Suggs Terrell Suggs Stats | Pro-Football-Reference.com
Antonio Gates Antonio Gates Stats | Pro-Football-Reference.com
Larry Firtzgerald https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/ /FitzLa00.htm
Frank Gore Frank Gore Stats | Pro-Football-Reference.com

Feel free to nominate others to be added to the list. obviously on this board, the sentimental favorite will be Carmelo but looking at it dispassionately, I think i'd go with either Chris Paul or Larry Fitzgerald, with Chris having the best chance of having his dream come true.

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