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Why Louisville Will Win


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Because they are Louisville and we are just Syracuse. 2014: Syracuse 6 Louisville 28; 2015: Syracuse 17 Louisville 41; 2016: Syracuse 28 Louisville 62; 2017: Syracuse 10 Louisville 56; 2018: Syracuse 54 Louisville 23; 2019: Syracuse 34 Louisville 56; 2020: Syracuse 0 Louisville; 2021 Syracuse 3 Louisville 41. Do you see pattern there? The one Syracuse win was by our best team of this century over a team that had given up on its coach and was playing out the string. Even with that, we’ve been outscored by 185 points in 8 games, (23 points per game) since Louisville joined the conference. That’s more than Clemson has outscored us (174).

- Dino Babers suggested this result was because we played them late in the year, when injuries had piled up on us and we played them in their place. He also wondered in how many of those games our starting quarterback had been available. Three of the games were played in the Dome, two of them in the first half of the season. Noting that Garrett Shrader had become our starting quarterback by last year’s game, that makes it 6 times our starting QB was available for the game. Beyond that, while we’ve had some late-season collapses, nobody’s boat-raced us like the Cardinals.

- We expect to be an improved team this year. But so does Louisville – and they started their improvement at a higher level. Garret Shrader last year completed 123 of 234 passes (52%) for 1,445 yards, 9TDs and 6 interceptions. He ran the ball 173 times for 781 yards (4.5) and 14 TDs. That’s pretty dynamic. But Malik Cunningham was 209 for 337 (62%) for 2,941 yards 19TDs and 6 interceptions. He ran the ball 173 times for 1,031 yards (6.0) and 20TDs. That illustrates the difference between Syracuse and Louisville perfectly: it’s talent.

- Louisville surrounds Cunningham with top talent: They actually have a TIGHT END, Marshon Ford with 49 receptions for 550 yards and 2 scores. They lost their two top receivers but brought in Tyler Hudson, who caught 27 touchdown passes in three years at Central Arkansas and Dee Wiggins caught 62 passes in four years at U of Miami. Cunningham was their leading rusher but Jalen Mitchell had 722 yards in 155 carries, (4.7) and Trevion Cooley had 431 yards in 86 carries (5.0). And here comes Tiyon Evans, a Tennessee transfer, who gained 525 yards on just 81 carries. Jawhar Jordon, who was once ahead of Sean Tucker on the depth chart here, is playing special teams for them. And they’ve got four of 5 starters back on the line. My leading image of SU-Ville games in recent years is of Cardinals ball carriers cruising into the end zone with Orange defenders trotting after them in vain pursuit. These guys can do the same thing to us.

- Which doesn’t even address the problem that we have scored 3 points in two years against these guys. Their top players are named Yaya and Yasir. That illustrates Louisville’s attitude toward this game and why wouldn’t they feel that way?

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