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Why Louisville Will Win


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Because this is a roller-coaster Syracuse team. Enjoy the view. Now Weeeeeeee!

- Because this Louisville team is like the bully who sees you in your Sunday Best and decides to pick a fight so he can pull you into a mud puddle and roll you around in it. A week after an exciting wide-open game full of big plays they are going to try to do exactly what they did last year- maul us at the line of scrimmage and make it an ugly tug-of-war type game that they are going to win because they are stronger and tougher than we are. They will play upon our growing frustration and just wear us down.

- Teddy Bridgewater is the kind of mobile quarterback that ahs given us fits in the past. He was one of the top recruits in the country last year. And he has the 6-8 tight end Josh Chichester to throw to. In the red zone, they’ll just play catch.

- They have so much talent at running back that Victor Anderson, who gained 1000 yards rushing for them as a freshman, is third string. But he did catch a pass for a 47 yard touchdown earlier. Their best is Jeremy Wright, who is averaging 4.7 yards a rush and had a 95 yard kick-off return last year he’s probably the fastest guy on the team.

- But the story of this team is their defense, ranked #15 in the country is yards, 14th in scoring. Nobody’s scored more than 25 points against them and it took Cincinnati, a team averaging 44 pints in their other games, to do it. One good game doesn’t make us Cincinnati and we aren’t going to make much headway against these guys.

- Our linebackers go 213, 216 and 219. Theirs go 239, 219 and 258. We are basically facing two lines of linemen. The play very aggressively with 55 tackles for losses, (our “speed guys” have 48), and 19 sacks, (we have 17). Yet they have the size to stuff the run.

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