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Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Because this isn’t basketball. It’s football.

- Colgate is better than Wagner, but not enough to matter.

- Garrett Shrader and his big wide-outs will play catch while Donovan Brown waits to get his hands on the ball.

- LeQuint Allen will have a big game, for as long as he’s in there. The guys behind him will get a shot and look good, too.

- Dino says that Rocky Long’s defense has been “suffocating“ in practice and they will suffocate Colgate.

- Will there be anyone there who has witnessed Colgate defeating Syracuse in Football? There won’t be when it’s over, either.

0-0 and 12 – or 13 to go!


Also from "The Bold Brave Men of Archibold", in honor of the late Jim Brown:

39,701 people, the largest crowd in the history of Archbold Stadium to that date, filed in to see Jim Brown’s greatest day. Two of them were my father and my 10 year old brother, (I was 3 and stayed home with Mom: my Archbold debut would come eight years later).

“Ticking off touchdowns with the precision of a metronome, Syracuse hung a 61-7 defeat on Colgate yesterday before the largest crowd ever to view this upstate, New York classic. There were new records galore as old no. 44 (Jimmy Brown) made his last Archbold Stadium run a great one. With the throttle wide open, Big Jim made like an iron horse as he steamed for six touchdowns, booted seven extra points and in general, roared and belched and erupted like the All-American that a national magazine will name him in the next 48 hours.“

SU got the kick-off and a 43 yard pass from Jim Ridlon to Dick Lasse set them up on the Colgate one. #44 took care of the rest on the next play and kicked the point. That had been a 75 yard drive. SU forced a punt and marched 71 yards for another score, also by Brown on “a 15 yard left change-up”. (Or was it a slider?) “He drove through and over three Colgate tacklers” to score. This time Chuck Zimmerman hit Ridlon with a 26 yard pass. Would it be that easy? Not quite yet.

Colgate now went 75 yards, all on Martin’s passing, to close the score to 14-7. The 6-4 Al Jamison caught a pass on the goal line to apparently get the Red Raiders back in the game. Now the back and forth scoring duel was on! But for Colgate it was back and for Syracuse it was forth.

Consecutive kick-off attempts went out of bounds and Syracuse wound up with the ball at midfield under the rules at the time. “Zimmerman flipped a pitch-out to Brown who went wide to his right. Big Jim got a fine block at the line of scrimmage as he turned the far corner and from that point, Brown was on his own as he whirled down the sideline for the full distance. That was 19 seconds of game time after Colgate’s score. Jim missed one of the two extra points he missed but it was 20-7.

Then came the key point of the game, if there can be a key point to a 61-7 game. Martin hit Dick Randall with a 50 yard pass. Then an interference call put the ball on the Syracuse 19. Martin went for the end zone and his SU counterpart, Chuck Zimmerman picked it off in the end zone and ran it out to the SU 14. That was Colgate’s high water mark. The rout was now on for real. But there was one bit of frustration first. Syracuse, with Brown, Ridlon and Cann doing the hard work, drove 85 Yards only to have Ridlon fumble at the Colgate one yard line.

But the Raiders could only get one yard in three plays and Jim Brown retuned the punt to the Red Raider 29. Three plays later Jim took at a pitchout at the 8 and “jumped over Whitehair’s diving tackle and scored his fourth straight touchdown”. Colgate tried to come back. John Call broke away for sweeps of 45 and 14 yards. The drive got to the SU 3 but on fourth down, Martin’s pass was knocked down by Rudy Farmer. The halftime score was Syracuse 27 Colgate 7.

Colgate got the second half kick-off but could only move the ball four yards before punting. Syracuse went on another long, grinding drive, this one 74 yards, twice converting on fourth and one by giving #44 the ball. Jim scored again “on what was his greatest run of the day, a 27 yard, weak-side maneuver”. That was called back for clipping but on this day, it didn’t matter. Ridlon wound up with the ball on a double reverse and went for 20 yards to the Colgate 20. Brown swept for 12. Ridlon gained 8 to the other wide and Zimmerman pushed it the last few inches on a sneak. “Browns PAT made it 34-7 and the Orange were in high gear.”

“Again, Colgate, thanks to a brilliant tackle by Ridlon, was forced to punt and again Syracuse went all the way, this time a 55 yard drive. Cann hit for 14 yards but suffered a minor leg injury and was retired for the day. But Brown was still rolling. He hit the short side for a 20 yard gain and then swept the strong side for 19 yards and his fifth touchdown. This time, with Chuck Strid throwing the key block, Brown was merely loping when he eased over the goal line untouched.“ He kicked the conversion for his 35th point in a 41-7 game.

The reserves were set to take it from here. Gus Zaso intercepted a Martin throw and a sophomore named Dean DeAngelis ripped off 13 and 10 yard runs to set up Ferd Kuczala for a one yard plunge. DeAngelis missed the conversion but Colgate was penalized for roughing him and Brown replaced him to kick his 36th point and make it 48-7 after three quarters.

Ben raised some eyebrows by having his starters begin the fourth quarter with such a lead. “Big Jim set up the next touchdown. On his won 18… Martin threw one complete to Jamison. As he caught the ball Jamison was tackled fiercely by Brown and he fumbled the ball with Lasse recovering on the 20. Zimmerman heaved a 15 yard pass to Ridlon and Big Jim ate up the final five yards on two plunges. When Brown again converted to make it 55-7, Big Jim had completed his scoring for the large afternoon.”

The teams then exchanged interceptions: first by Kuczala, then Whitehair, then Ed Coffin, who returned his 15 yards to the Colgate 9. Dan Ciervo closed out the afternoon with a 2 yard plunge. The point was missed but what was the point at this point?

Colgate didn’t quit playing. Martin again led his team down the field. But DeAngelis picked him off at the goal line and ran the ball back to the Syracuse 45 as time ran out. At last it was over. Syracuse 61 Colgate 7.

My Dad told me that he held up my brother so he could see above the crowd when Big Jim left the game but he wanted none of it. Dad recalled hearing a bunch of old grads near the top of the stands calling for more and more touchdowns to rain on the hated Red Raiders. They kept shouting “It was sooo long….” They were veterans of the Hoodoo and were having the time of their lives.

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