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Why Syracuse Will Win


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Frank Cignetti vs. Scott Shafer will be a good match-up. Doug Marrone vs. Greg Schiano? I’ll take Marrone, thank you.

- Rutgers has beaten North Carolina Central and Ohio U while losing to UNC. We’ve beaten Wake Forest, Rhode Island and a tough Toledo team while losing to USC. Our steel will be harder.

- Nassib is having a record-setting year and I think it will only get better as we supplement Chew-Lemon-Provo with West, Foster and Stevens. The line is getting better at protecting him. Rutgers is giving up 240 passing yards per game and will be giving up more in this one.

_ The offensive line has become less of a problem and more of a force as the season ahs progressed.

- Gulley was a firecracker last week. I hope he can play. But if we have to go to Smith or Moore, we may find a dimension we haven’t had this year: a between the tackles runner.

- The defense is walking over hot coals right now but someday they will be quite a unit with all that speed. If we can start to get guys back, we may get a glimpse of what they will someday be.

- Kobena, Graham. Tick…tick…tick.

- This should be the biggest and most raucous crowd of the season with all those students. Rutgers won’t be able to hear themselves think.

- Deep down, I see this as a loss. Just like Toledo. Our guys find ways to win. It doesn’t have to make sense.

3-1 with 8 to be done

For some reason I see loss too but my heart says cuse!
Love your posts, SWC--but you are giving them WAY too much credit. 30-17, SU.
Love your posts, SWC--but you are giving them WAY too much credit. 30-17, SU.
Agreed... Rutgers is no juggernaut. For example, I've heard mention that Rutgers has 12 sacks this year... that is alot. What is not mentioned is that 9 of the 12 came against NC Central. They've only played 3 games so far, and one of them was against a bad FCS team (1-3, with only win coming against Division II Central State University).

I don't want to sell Rutgers short either, as their defense is great at forcing turnovers, they have excellent special teams play, and they have a top flight reciever in Sanu. However, it's not like they don't have weaknesses. They still can't run the ball (80 ypg vs. FBS competition), and their passing game isn't that great (247 ypg vs. FBS). They struggle to get off the field on 3rd down just like Syracuse (defense allows 45% conversion rate versus FBS competition).
We will have trouble if we keep making bonehead plays in the 1st half and 1st quarter - from a bad snap to personal fouls - it really is driving me crazy. I call it the SU jinx if we do it again today. SWC75 please feel free to use the terms "jinx" and "bonehead" if it happens again in future write ups. I would accept a hard fought loss as long as we don't give them the game but I still think this team will find a way to win this one especially if it's goes into OT again.

I think this game comes down to who wants it more and RU has a lot of reason to want it more.

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