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Aug 21, 2011
I'm not entirely sure, but doesn't the rule state that you can only review a FG or XP if the ball goes over the poles? If this is true maybe that's why it wasn't overturned. With the view from straight on it would appear as if the ball didn't go through.
I talked to someone close to Ross...he said it was good
I talked to someone close to Ross...he said it was good

I would expect that person to say it was good. ;)
Ross, himself, said it was good on the postgame show from the locker room. But when pressed, he did say he was nervous about it during the review.

Draw your own conclusion, but the replay speaks for itself.

All that said, the refs were terrible all day. If they call the PI in the end zone, it's a completely different game, as we likely punch it in there. In the end, as legendary Celtics announcer would say, "Justice was served."
Not having actually seen the game yet (had to work, but feverishly checked the twitter feed and ESPN App on my Iphone) I was quickly reminded of the time that I believed we were screwed over by a team from Ohio on a special teams kick. Two years ago at the dome when Cincinatti blew the field goal kick and Collaros (then the holder, playing for Pike who recently was hurt) scrambled on the busted play and threw for a touch down. I was pissed b/c there were several lineman downfield on that play, but alas the refs saw none and I don't believe that it was reviewable at that time. That play was a major momentum changer against a highly rated team that until that point we had a legitimate chance to beat. Like many have said, it is amazing we are getting some breaks like we are. I would like to think today was a little bit of Karma for Cuse regarding Ohio football.
The person closed to Ross must be really close to be blinded by the reality of the miss.

No matter. The win is etched.

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