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49% FG, 38% 3PT in conference play for JJ

Just another reminder that we had multiple posters on this board comparing Starling to Louie freakin McCroskey, saying he was the worst shooting guard we had since McCroskey, and expressing little faith he would improve this season and no faith that his shooting would improve at all. Even though the kid was a McDonalds All American and rated as a top 10 transfer, they lost all faith less than a month into the season. JB hanging on for several years past when he should have retired really broke large parts of this fanbase. We have a first year head coach and a team comprised of mostly sophomores and there’s still so much negativity. This is a very young team and the fanbase needs to try to have some patience. The last time we had two sophomores leading the team in scoring was 1954-55!
Mcroskey was a competitor and had an all time great dunk. Trying to remember only positives!

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