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A few cents...


Aug 26, 2011
I just wanna throw in a few topics of conversation/things that i noticed during the game yesterday

1. Ryan Nassib is really doing some nice things... that first drive he put up really showed me that not only was he not effected by the crowd, but that he is a confident player and leader.

2. Bailey- I love Bailey, but he really does look a bit udnersized at times to shoulder the load as a inbetween the tackles runner. This game truly showed that he is most effective when he is moved around and used sorta like a Sproles. I think in games where its gonna be won in the trenches ie. Rutgers, we are gonna need a bigger back to step up and get positve yards.

3. I think the O-line did a real nice job against a very athletic front for USC... i think they build on this and live up to their preseason hype.

4. Provo- I gotta be honest, i was never sold on Nick being one of the crown jewels of the offense. He's not a game changing TE, and i think in the future, a great pickup would be a big Athletic TE that can make people miss and get down the field.

5. Secondary- Yikes, the secondary at times reminds me of the GROB group where you know if the ball is thrown downfield, not only will it get caught, but theres a good chance nobody is 10 yards from the nearest reciever. We gotta get this fixed quick, or were gonna get picked apart all yaer.

6. Last years defense really spoiled us. We were a unique gung ho blitzing team and always looked like we rattled the qb. I just dont see the pressure form the LB's getting there this year... i know they're young and talented so i expect it to take some time

7. Goggins- at times Deion looks like a man amongst boys, hes got a great motor and if he didnt ding his shoulder early, he would haev been in the backfield a bunch more... he's living up to the hype

8. Marinovich- good speed and size, but he needs a few more moves coming off the edge, its too predictable

Overall- while we lost, it was an honorable showing by the orange. The odds were stacked up high and there were some definite diffefences in talent. I like this team moving forward, but we gotta get that secondary fixed or we could be in some track meets. On an aside, i think this move to the ACC is just amazing, i cant wait to see the games and venues that we play in , and this will no doubt help the football team moving forward. Marrrones recruiting pitch just got a little bit better, and hopefully we start getting some of those USC type athletes that can change a game.. oh by the way, Alec Lemon played great... the dropped killed, but he showed up, nice job
Agree with most you said.

Short Term Optimism- we have a roster sprinkled with guys who can play with this competition, and others who can hold their own with determination and grit. I have no doubts we will be happy with our season.
Long Term Optimism- we looked better against USC 3,000 miles away this year, than we did against Washington 3,000 miles away last year. That's a good sign and given that there is a great amount of inexperience, and some flat-out weaknesses, you have to like where we are going.
Million Dollar Intangible- I don't care what your exact evaluation of Nassib may be. When I look at how far he has come, how poised he looked against an athletically elite team, and the remaining potential he still has, I think this regime has put to rest the fears that they will continue the ineptitude of failing to develop our QBs. That makes me very excited to see what some of these strong-armed athletic studs can end up doing for us down the road.
Nassib showed tremendous poise last night.

I am very encouraged with what I saw against USC.

With maturity this team will be better than I thought it would be coming into the season.

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