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A few season opening over/unders


Aug 26, 2011
some predictions for tonight anyone?

- Nassib, 2.5 TD passes... Paulus had one against Minny two years ago, Ryan chipped in with two against Akron last season, do I here three this time around????

- Bailey, 89.5 net rushing yards... Carter went for 88 and 91 the past two openers, does Bailey immediately put up a performance that puts him in that type of company?

- Lemon, 6.5 catches...... Two years ago Mike Williams hauled in 7 catches in the opener, en route to a 94-yard day. Last year Chew had the highlight catches, but Lemon led the team with 5 receptions. Does the potential all-time leader in catches at Cuse kick off the second half of his career in style?????

- Raupers longest punt, 46.5 yards..... In 2009 Long boomed a 59-yarder to kickoff the season, and followed that up with a 70(!!!!)-yarder in the 2010 opener. Let's dumb down the expectations, but how confident are we in Mr. Raupers?

- Sharpe, .5 Sacks... The under-the-radar speed rusher has tallied a sack in each opener of his playing career. Does he continue that streak???

- Jones, 1.5 TFL..... Only one combined tackle-for-loss by big Chandler over the past two openers. Does this potential dominating force show up from the first snap?

- Spruill, 6.5 total tackles... Despite his great leadership, Smith was a little underwhelming in the tackle department over the past two openers, totaling 6 and 5 in 2009 and '10. How many heads does his successor crack in the first dance of the year?

- Scott, .5 INT...... It's been a long road to get here for our veteran CB, after we went without a pick in last year's opener, does he go up and prove that this secondary isn't to be trifled with?
some predictions for tonight anyone?

- Nassib, 2.5 TD passes... OVER
- Bailey, 89.5 net rushing yards... UNDER
- Lemon, 6.5 catches...... UNDER
- Raupers longest punt, 46.5 yards..... OVER
- Sharpe, .5 Sacks... UNDER
- Jones, 1.5 TFL..... OVER BY ALOT
- Spruill, 6.5 total tackles... UNDER
- Scott, .5 INT...... UNDER
Nassib - under
Ant - under (he'll have 100+ all purpose, but I'm thinking like 75 rushing)
Lemon - under
Raupers - over, because at least one punt will hit and roll an extra 10 yards
Sharpe - over...I think he gets one sack
Jones - under...I'll give him 1.0 tackles for loss, but this could very easily go the other way
Spruill - over
Scott - under
since I gotta head for the Cuse, I will give mine early... over, under, over, under, over, over, under, under.

have fun tonight guys, LETS GO MOTHER F-ING ORANGE!!
Nassib - over
Bailey - under
Lemon - under
Raupers - over
Sharpe - under
Jones - over
Spruill - under
Scott - under
Nassib - under
Bailey - over
Lemon - under
Raupers - under
Sharpe - under
Jones - over
Spruill - over
Scott - under
so... the results...

Nassib (2.5 TD)- Over
Bailey (89.5 rush yd)- Over
Lemon (6.5 rec)- Over
Raupers (long punt of 46.5 yd)- Over
Sharpe (.5 sacks)- Under
Jones (1.5 tfl)- Under
Spruill (6.5 ttkl)- Over
Scott (.5 Int)- Over

If my exhausted attempts at tallies and counts are correct, then did we basically all pretty much suck out on this little game????

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