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A few thingies

Did we hire Penn and Teller as consultants during the off-season? Shrader's sleight of hand on the two naked bootlegs was the finest I've ever seen.

I hope Boiler fans respected the classiness of Shrader going down at the end when he could have scored. Not only was it great sportsmanship, it was smart. Sort of like a great point guard pulling the ball back out and killing clock at the end instead of scoring a meaningless basket. With fans of both schools taking out their ire re: the officiating on the other school, I hope that gesture didn't go unnoticed. Not every QB would have done that.

Speaking of which, how 'bout those officials?! What an outstanding example of guys who should be unemployed. Over 230 total penalty yards, some insane calls/no calls, and head-scratching decisions. The failure to call the PI in the endzone was absurd given some of the other calls they made, and to be fair, they screwed the Boilers a few times too. As usual, we made our own share of undisciplined mistakes, but I am running out of hope that our dumb penalties will go away.

A quiet 80 yards by Allen. We have to get more multi-dimensional in the running game or opposing DC's will have an easy decision to make; "penalties be damned, we are going to hit Shrader as hard as we can, and with as many guys as we can, until we make him go away." He may be a QB that is the size of Larry Csonka, and he may take fewer chances that Dungey, but he isn't physically indestructible either. We did let Shrader take what they gave him on the ground, but we can't expect to do that every game.

Not the WR's finest night. We knew we would miss OG, and we did, but those guys CAN make those catches. They will have to. Some of the passes were uncatchable but we have to clean it up.

How bout the D? We gave up 400 yards but fewer points than 400 yards should have resulted in. Love the swagger too.

Solid road win and the rest of the ACC is not looking as formidable as they were a few weeks ago.
Shrader handled success in the exact opposite way that Payne Durham did last year.
lucy van pelt also could show you ball and then tuck it away fooling everyone. you even knew it was coming.
Lucy Van Pelt is a magician.

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