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A win is a win is a win is a win is a win is a win

Nearly every BE conference opener I recall has always been less than pretty to say the least. Also many times a grinder too. So good to get conf play started with a win and now start getting into the regular flow of conf games. Tech will shoot a ton of 3s so gotta get ready for them. Throw records out now as conf play never goes according to plan in regards to victory margin or guaranteed wins.
I think this was a more impressive win than Nova. Earlier on in the Nova game, Nova was taking bad shots but they kept going in, SU was taking good shots but they just weren't falling.

Today, SU's game plan wasn't working, they weren't getting good shots, no offensive rebounds, but when they fell behind they got it done. The just plain proved they were a stronger grittier team with the desire to win.
Man I thought we would roll tide but so glad we escaped with the win.

14-0 is so sweet. And we didnt lose to SMU. Double win
No, OU already did that!

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