ACC Games for Nov 28-29 |

ACC Games for Nov 28-29


The Mayor of Dewitt
Aug 15, 2011
Tuesday, November 28
Mississippi State at Georgia Tech ACCN 7 PM
Notre Dame at South Carolina SECN 7 PM
LSU at Syracuse ESPN2 7 PM
Miami at Kentucky ESPN 7:30 PM
Missouri at Pitt ESPNU 7:30 PM
NC State at Mississippi ESPN2 9 PM
Clemson at Alabama ESPN 9:30 PM

Wednesday, November 29
Tennessee at North Carolina ESPN 7:15 PM
Texas A&M at Virginia ESPN2 7:15 PM
Florida at Wake Forest ESPNU 7:15 PM
Duke at Arkansas ESPN 9:15 PM
Virginia Tech at Auburn ESPN2 9:15 PM
Georgia at Florida State ACCN 9:15 PM
Boston College at Vanderbilt SECN 9:15 PM
Bellarmine at Louisville ACCNX 8 PM
Not a big game but UNH played Uconn last night and lost by 20 vs the 10 we beat them by.

The big take is that almost all the stats are pretty much how we played them accept the big one OR.. They got 10 more vs us and that led to pts.

Bad D trips and rebounding will be the thing they have to figure out to minimize.
Miami getting rolled. No way they are top 10 we are probably better.

I really really dislike Joe Girard bc he transferred to a school we play 2x hope Oats and Bama smokes them rooting for the ACC teams in the rest of the games.

Nice win for GT over Miss St.
This will be interesting. Georgia Tech beats a ranked team and #8 Miami lays an egg. Early season rankings mean nothing. Can't wait to watch Clemson tonight and Virginia tomorrow.
The atmosphere in Alabama is equivalent to a game at a D3 school. Woof
Clemson is kicking their butt so far. Plus I heard Bama is a football school.
ACC is mediocre again this year. Tenn and Gonzaga will be the toughest teams we play all year. I think we will find a way to win 14 games in conference this year.
We'd be so much better with Joe than JJ this year. Pretty worried about the 2 Clemson games and losing both,

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