All 2010’s SU starting 5 - let’s hear yours |

All 2010’s SU starting 5 - let’s hear yours


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Aug 8, 2012
Two guards, two forward, and a Center.

I’m curious to see, but I think this decade would have the most varied responses and the least consensus of any other decade for several reasons: the nature of college basketball where far more players are coming in and out, the volume and depth of good players we’ve had - we’ve been a bit down recently, but we’ve had two of our best teams ever this decade as well as two other teams that made final fours, and the lack of any true all time great studs: there’s no Carmelo or Coleman that everyone will put on their team.

I’m thinking we’ll have people with entirely different starting 5’s than others, and it will still be completely reasonable and arguable.
I would take the entire 2010 starting lineup, just subbing Scoop for Triche

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Hmm, tough one. Several players clustered fairly close making some choices not clear cut. For me since 2010.

Gbinije (improved every year; played a big part in Cuse's run to FF in 2016)
Battle (tough pick, but iron man last year, and best player this year so far; also could take MCW or Waiters)
Fair (easy pick)
Jackson (did well 2010 and 2011; another tough pick; Grant, Lydon, Southerland good picks too)
Christmas (easy pick)
I'm a little surprised with the number of Grant mentions. Don't get me wrong, he was a good player here - and an even better pro - but he proved frustrating on offense more than a few times. He was a great zone defender, though, which must be the reason for the picks.

I'd prefer CJ or Rick at PF for the offensive ability combined with good defense and rebounding.
A lot of Wes Johnson picks. Good pick but he was mostly pre-2010, although his last year ended in 2010 so ok.
PG) 6’6 Michael Carter-Williams
SG) 6’6 Michael Gbinije
SF) 6’8 Wes Johnson
PF) 6’10 Chris McCullough
C) 7’0 Fab Melo

6’3 Dion Waiters off bench as combo guard.
6’9 Rakeem Christmas off bench as PF/C.

Probably the best 2-3 zone defense you can get. Two playmakers up top, two legit three point threats, 3-4 good FT shooters, two guys who can score in the high and low post. This team would win games 75-35.

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