Any U Albany grads on here


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Aug 14, 2011
They are expressing interest in my son for soccer. Wondering what your experience was like.
It's pretty good academically. Like most state schools have a lot of kids from Long Island. Not the most attractive campus and most of the students can't wait to leave Albany once they graduate.

I know the soccer team upset Cuse a couple years ago and I think it's on the upswing. Looking at the roster it looks like the coach recruits worldwide. I don't know how D-1 soccer scholarships work but depending on what field of study your son wants to major in, as long as he likes fairly large schools, he could do well there.

In the Capital Region both Union and RPI might be better academically but both are much smaller and are D-3. However I think they do a good job with scholarships because of something with them having D-1 hockey programs, there is something they need to do with their other programs. Not exactly sure.

Siena is also a D-1 program. School is small and the students for the most part really like it. A lot are more local and they have a more active alumni base than a UAlbany.

UAlbany athletics have been on an upswing. Basketball has always done pretty well, and we all know about the Lacrosse team, but their I-AA football team has been pretty good with the new coach as have some of their minor sports.

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Feb 27, 2012
He's smart, just not necessarily academically motivated all the time.
He will sell the nano tech, just not invent it.
I have one of those at home as well. Good luck!

Any interest from UVM? I know one kid on the team currently. Probably have connections with the coaching staff as well, knowing the way this town works. For instance, the UVM Associate Athletic Director is the father of my son's freshman hoops team this year.

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