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Army game is massive on a number of levels

That line on the game is ratty. Opener at -4 Cuse. Doesn’t make sense to me
Yup. Down to -3.5 but still nuts. More nuts is the moneyline at Army +350. That equates to Army only having a 22% chance of winning the game. What!
we have to take care of the ball, bury the open shots (change levels) and def have to hustle and battle for every groundball. Also mark will need to be on tonight. They got some dude who can rip it. But also think english mule and hiltz def have to be big part of game. Either way gonna be fought battle and they’re gonna have to play full game if they wanna come out on top as army does not let down or give up.
Naturally some freaky weather right around game time. Hope it does not have a big impact on attendance

Really good breakdown/preview of the game.

Agree, this is one of the better game previews I’ve read for lacrosse. Most analysts just say, player x will have a big impact and team y will have to avoid turnovers. I love Donville’s breakdown of the SU offense and how it relies on sweeps rather than ally dodges and why that makes them unique.
Finding ways to blow games. Spallina selfish circus shot. Mule whatever happened there. That’s really rough and it’s 2 in a row this season.

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