Best day for SU since they announced the dome!! |

Best day for SU since they announced the dome!!


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Aug 27, 2011
What a fantastic day for Syracuse. This is without a doubt the best long term solution for our school. The big Ten never made sense and the Big East had become a Greek Diner at its worst. Think about the excitement of NC Duke Florida State Clemson and our old foes BC Miami and VT coming to the Dome. Hoops take on a whole new world sure we are going to miss some of our old foes but i think we can expect to see Gtown on the schedule and St Johns as well. Syracuse is relevant again. We are back with the big boys and off the respirator. Lets face it without a deal like this we were dying a slow death. Funding was next to impossible and recruiting to the Big East was becoming tougher and tougher. With this move we will have the resources to compete and we have found a natural and perfect fit for all of our sport teams as we are an Atlantic Coast School. The move made sense years ago and makes even more today. I have been following SU football since 1964 and for me today will go down as one of the greatest days in the history of SU. My hat is off to the administration especially DG. Great job by all truly a home run and program saver!! Go Orange!!
4/7/03 was kinda big, though I otherwise agree with you.
I am warming up to this. For one, the BE had forever changed for the worse, once we took a load of schools like DePaul, USF, Ville, Marquette, (TCU?) -- not compatible. Not playing Hoyas twice a year changed the culture of the conference, and not for the better, IMO. The ACC is not ideal, but you can't get left behind in college sports. Kudos to TGD and Wee One for making it happen. Definitely helps FB: we have always recruited pretty well in Md-DC-FL and starting more in VA-Ga and this helps advance that. Active SU clubs in all cities down the east coast which will get stronger and build around games close to them, and makes for some appealing road trips. More revenue will help all sports, including the Olympic sports; it also helps LAX a bit: we will still play Hopkins and Princeton I bet, but now don't have to play crap like St. Johns or even Nova. I think Desko and Co will exploit this when recruiting Long Island and keep the championships coming. JB will get over it, though it probably speeds his retirement: maybe get to 900 and call it a career. BTW, he's never been a visionary: if up to him we'd still be playing St. Bonaventure and Niagara in Manley. We can still play St. John's in MSG every year as a "road" game, and maybe another made for TV game like Kansas. Like others, I think it's likely that Stors State and Jersey Shore ultimately get invited too, though there might still be bad blood over Blumenthal's lawsuit against the league. These two add zero football-wise, and are Clemson-like academically. (another reason why i don't see WVa getting an invite). They both have much to fear this morning, which is just fine with me.

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