Big East almost added Navy before Pitt/SU left |

Big East almost added Navy before Pitt/SU left

Well that would have solved everything.


The long nightmare is over sports fans.
Navy as FB only?

Boy, the BB schools really don't want to go past 17, do they.

Didn't the BE invite Navy last year? And the year before that?

Doesn't matter anymore. Based on the new conference news, I'm moving back to Virginia anyway, chop 45 minutes off the close drives to ACC venues.

Went to my first Navy game against Delaware a couple weeks back. Seeing the Midshipmen march into the field and then into their student section was really cool. But watching that triple option for an entire game was exhausting.
And East Carolina has "applied" to the Big East, according to Pete Thamel
I think having Navy would have been awesome. The midshipmen get all kinds of media love.

1. They're a national brand (on a smaller scale, but still a known quantity)

2. They're in Maryland

3. They have one of the most fun to watch styles of play in college football.

They're just not ND or Penn State :noidea: I guess that makes them less, lol.

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