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Bowl game really hurt our final ranking

Bowl games are awesome and nearly all have been great to watch this year.

We let the country down with that garbage performance. And yes everyone saw it wasn’t exactly on the CW.

Can’t really get on the team bc they slugged out 2 ACC wins with no QB but this talk that they don’t matter is nonsense. Opt outs and portals just give you a look at guys for next year.

Florida states pantsing probably took away attention from us. Everyone hates them and was happy and UGA is hardly likable I don’t think any casual wants to see the ACC eliminated even SEC homers don’t.

I was in Florida last week, and at the hotel pool ended up in a college football discussion with Florida State, Georgia, LSU, and Tennessee fans (pre-Orange Bowl). When I said I was a Syracuse fan, one guy commented about the bowl blowout and said "that's the problem now with all these opt outs".

Nobody in 95% of the country follows closely enough to have anything remotely informed about Syracuse, and with all the opt outs in other games most just assumed that was an issue and cause of our game result. Nationally, people took less from that bowl game than we did - which is kind of impressive since as Syracuse fans we wrote that off as irrelevant roughly 27.2 seconds after the game had ended.
She better have married rich.

I looked it up - she married a personal trainer, got divorced after three years and is having a kid with her new boyfriend.

She appears to have chosen the “alimony and child support from multiple men” strategy over marrying a rich guy. I’m not sure it would be possible for me to be any less surprised at that.

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