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Aug 27, 2011
I'm just heart sick. Every time I begin to think that we've turned the corner something like this seems to happen.

Special teams were a diasaster. The roughing the kicker call on Wilkes was simply inexcusable. I would write "I'm Stupid" on his forehead with a Sharpie and make him walk around campus all week (no washing it off either).

Houston we have a problem. The defensive penalties on 3rd down whch are extending our opponents drives are killing us and have become a depressingly recurring issue every game. The PI on 3rd and 19 was killer. I honestly do not get this.

Hackett is now offically on the Kevorkian death watch with me. The calls on O all game long were beyond baffling. Others have mentioned it but why you would try to throw it on 1st down to a receiver who has never caught a pass all year in double coverage ? Holy shite. I am seriously concerned.

Nassib. I am going to give Ryan a pass on this one and ascibe it as his What game for the year but as the leader of the O, throwing 3 INT's is simply inexcusable.

Ant. I'm a hard ass but he sits for Tulane. The fumbles are simply not acceptable. Period, full stop.

Somebody else is snapping for Krautman next week.

We lost to Rutgers. I am hitting the hard stuff right now.


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Aug 26, 2011
I'm as disappointed with this loss as everyone but the Defense only gave up 5 yards to Rutgers running game not that they had a good running game but 5 yards total is a really bright spot. The freshman LB's did very well also, so there are some positives that can be taken from this game. I know a loss is a loss and this one was very ugly but there were a few good things there as well.

The missed PAT's against Tulane and Rutgers and another PAT hitting the upright as well against Toledo is worrisome to me. That's 3 issues with PAT's in 2 games back-to-back which needs to be fixed ASAP. Just can't have that in a D1 program. Not sure what the issue is but it wasn't just Rutgers' Special Teams as it happened with Toledo as well last week. Rutgers really pressured our "O" today and think the OL played pretty well overall. What really hurt us today were Special Teams and 5 (3 Int's and 2 Fumbles) Turnovers.

We should beat Tulane easily I hope and UConn is having a ton of issues right now so we can get another "W" there. That should get us to 5 wins. We'll get one more somewhere so I would expect a 6-6 season right now and hope we get to a bowl game. Not going to a bowl game would be much bigger to the program than this loss to Rutgers even a very ugly loss like today.

We'll regroup against Tulane and then get a much needed bye week before the tough stretch in conference.


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Aug 30, 2011
The roughing the kicker call on Wilkes was simply inexcusable. I would write "I'm Stupid" on his forehead with a Sharpie and make him walk around campus all week (no washing it off either).

What did he do wrong?He was sent in for the block and the way roughing is called now you risk this any time you go for one.Don't know why we weren't going for a return in that situation,but to blame him is wrong,imo.That should have been running into the kicker instead of roughing anyway.


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Sep 11, 2011
I'm going back to my original pred too = 6-6 = but that means a 2-5 conference and that's hard to take - can you really go to a bowl on 2-7?

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