Class of 2019 CB Chris Steele (CA) Transferring from Florida to Oregon


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Jun 30, 2013
that's a pretty crazy story, to request to be moved out of the room and then the roommate ends up getting nailed with s e xual assault charges from an April 6 incident.

"The decision stems from a request Steele made to the staff during his first month on campus, the source said. He asked to be moved to a different dorm because he was uncomfortable rooming with quarterback Jalon Jones, his classmate.

The staff did not plan to move Steele until the summer, which upset Steele and his parents, according to the source.

Then two female students accused Jones of s e xual assault in the players’ dorm rooms on April 6. That prompted Steele to seek a transfer."

Would seem to me like Steele could petition for immediate eligibility and win..
Yeah he will likely be granted immediate eligibility. Unless he comes to Syracuse.

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