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Class of 2023 CB Dezz Ricks (FL) Portal From Alabama to Texas A&M

We don't need to start a thread about every player in the portal. If we did, there would be 2,000 threads to sort through in this forum.

Unless a guy has an interest in SU, or some sort of past connection, there's no need to start a thread. Especially when it's a 5 star kid from Bama that is most likely going to another top 5 school in the south.

I agree 100% ... and a connection does not mean a kid that Baber's offered 2 or 3 years ago either.
The funny things is that I agree with Bnoro's post but there is a small part of the brain that makes one think, MAYBE? That is even kind of crazy. Now if the kid was from NJ, I would be asking what number he is going to wear

I mean just look at what we've done. I used to laugh off any top recruit. Now I don't. Always that well, maybe? like you said.

We went from "not good like one out of a million" to "not good like one out of a hundred" on the top guys.

If the staff isn't recruiting them or they don't already have a thread on this recruiting forum then a prospect in the portal has no relevance to this forum.
Gotcha. I was just saying a portal thread on this side wouldn’t be a bad idea since they are potential options & might prevent extra threads from being started…which there have a more than a couple. Keeping it on the team board side is okay with me.
The latter. We weren’t playing here
As in, we "weren't playin' around and really wanted this kid" or we were not actively pursuing this kid.

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