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Clemson game

I think Clemson is good, but they have huge holes they haven’t had previously. Their WR Corps is pretty pedestrian and their D-line hasn’t been dominating. Klubnik has been getting better so that’s an issue that appears to be alleviated but who knows how he’ll handle a good secondary.

Clemson's 5 star WRs have been underwhelming for years still plenty of talent there.

If Shipley and Moffah are NFL backs if they get 6-7 yards even when there is no hole and move the pile it's gonna be a long day for our D and we won't be able to go fast bc we can't send the D back out there after a few quick plays.

I don't really see FSU playing their A game. The LSU game was a weird one they got a bunch of fluke 1H turnovers when they should have been playing from behind and then just clicked at halftime and went off. I can't see that performance happening against Clemson honestly.
luckily this is homecoming, not parents weekend. BC is parents weekend and a friday game helps us there. Saturday is free for the parents and dinners. We should have a good night crowd and student showing for that, especially since it may sadly be the only home night game we have all year.
Yup...but homecoming as the OP said has similar issues

I know a family hdg up for this game to see their kiddo vs later in the Fall...I'll see how they do. :)
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