Class of 2024 - DE/TE KingJoseph Edwards (GA) COMMITTED / SIGNED NLI TO SYRACUSE (12/19/23) |

Class of 2024 DE/TE KingJoseph Edwards (GA) COMMITTED / SIGNED NLI TO SYRACUSE (12/19/23)

He is liking the replies saying come with Coach Brown to the Cuse.

Previous Top 8.
The only thing I will point out is that this announcement of a commitment date comes one day after an OV to Colorado
Gotta get him on campus and likely get him some NIL to get him but love seeing this
He also said he agreed in response to a tweet that said upsate NY is gross and cold lol. Don’t think we’ll end up getting him but cool to see we are already making strides.
If you really think that’s the reason he won’t be committing here when he just put us in his top 3 not even 48 hours ago, then you shouldn’t be commenting or worrying about our recruiting process.
I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about you saying it’s the reason we probably won’t get him. Sick attitude ya got buddy.
I have no clue wether we will or not I’m not claiming to know anything lol. Like I said I was just sharing the post the kid made himself. Maybe I took your post wrong hope the kid comes here obviously
Lmfao why the fu%%{k wouldn’t I be praising Fran brown?

The dye twins are trash & idc Lowry is gone.

What a strange post by you. I bet you were sad when baebers left
I dont know much about the Dye’s but I try to refrain from insulting kids.

Excited for Fran as well.

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