Does anybody know |

Does anybody know

why the dome has so many half dollars?

Haha. I've thought about that for years. Especially during basketball season. I always come home with one
Easier to grab and hand over one half dollar than two quarters.
Easier to grab and hand over one half dollar than two quarters.

Can't argue with that but I've never been to another stadium that hands out half dollars instead of two quarters. I figured there had to be some reason for it.
I got this one: Worked Dome Concession a few times for our high school sports teams (non-basketball/football events). Every price is an even dollar amount or dollar plus fiddy cent (rap reference for the night). So, all change is either in dollars or dollar plus 50 cent. They don't even have any other change other than 50 cent pieces. And if someone pays with change, you're supposed to get rid of it. I was told it also makes the count easier.

The lesson? When they raise prices expect them to go up by 50 cents or a whole dollar amount.
I was wondering where all of the $.50 pieces were coming from around the house. A bunch of home games in a month will do it.

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