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Earn Starts and Minutes and Duke Comments....


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Aug 15, 2011
I love what Red has done overall. Minutes seems to be allocated by merit, but not starts.

Some say it is who finishes and not who starts that matters.

The problem is that we are not talking one guy who should not be starting - we are talking three guys. So that creates the problem of Bell, Taylor, and McLeod being out on the floor simultaneously. From what I have seen, those three should not be out there together from both a talent and a chemistry perspective.

Clearly our best four are Maliq, Cope, Judah, and JJ. Benny is arguably our fifth best - he at least belongs in that conversation.

Yes, there are roles for Bell, Taylor, and McLeod. They should be rotated in separately. If one of them is hot - more minutes - great, if not, limit the damage by only having one of them out there at a time.

Other impressions from the duke fiasco:

1. Shot ourselves in the foot with TOs.
2. Three point D in the second half was really bad. Need to defend the line.
3. Maliq is really coming on strong, his ability to recognize when to cut is over the top. Too often people only credit the PG for recognition on the cut to the hoop plays, but the cutter needs to know when to go. Imagine if Benny could learn that from Maliq.
4. I love Cope, but his game is a combination of energy and seeing the floor while still allowing the game to come to him. He looked to me like he read too many press clippings and was trying to force things. His three point percentage was Ok - 33%, but the problem was that because he hit a few he was spending too much time away from his bread and butter spots near the lane.
5. Judah and JJ were OK, but both can play better.
6. Our three point shooting as a team is very poor - we will have to work around that all season.

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