Elijah Hughes


2020-21 Iggy Award Winner 3 Point Shooting %
Aug 26, 2011
Yes, that's the biggest criticism of Snyder. They will be up 30 and he still has the starters in. This year they are even deeper with Whiteside, Paschall and Rudy Gay. We won't see much of Eli, Jared Butler, Trent Forrest, Azibuike and Oni but they are all guys that would see more minutes on many other teams. And all those guys have a huge upside, especially Butler who people are saying is the steal of the draft. So maybe Q learned a little from the last couple seasons and spread the minutes out a little more, especially with Conley, Ingles and Bojan.
Butler can play. Wouldn't surprise me if he makes it so the Jazz can trade one of their rotation guards.

Elijah might have passed Oni on the depth chart.
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