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Expansion thoughts (that seem to have been omitted)


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Aug 26, 2011
If ND goes to the ACC what is the draw of adding RU or UConn? The NYC market has been won without taking on more mouths to feed.

The only reason the ACC would want those 2 would be to keep the Big 10 out of the market... however without ND there is no market left to be had since PSU is already spoken for (even if they were somehow to switch). Are UConn and Rutgers really that much more attractive to the Big 10 than Mizzou, Kansas, K State, and maybe even Iowa State which fits inside their exsisting footprint?

UConn - Basketball is their saving grace. However in most ACC circles Calhoun, and therefore UConn, are widely looked down upon for shady tactics. Add to that the lawsuit issue, and the fact that UConn isn't a historically relevant (athletic wise) university you have to ask if their draw is big enough to overcome all the other stuff?

Rutgers - The fabled NYC sleeping giant. Location keeps them ever present in conversations but if the Big East is done is another conference really what they want? Obviously the online fans do, but does the University itself want to continue competing at a high level while their AD hemorrhages money? It has been argued ad nauseum as to whether on not a majority of people in a cash strapped state even want the athletic program in the first place, much less at the expense of funds that are being taken from other facets of the school. ACC money doesn't fix that deficit and this would give the University itself a chance to cut its losses and go back to focus on being a financially stable, education minded school.

IF the ACC does land ND then the obvious move is to make a power play for Penn State. Seeming unlikely wouldn't the next step be to look at either Louisville or Cinci to build a "land bridge" to Indiana? Academics withstanding as I'm not sure where L'Ville or Cinci fall in this regard but I imagine one or the other would come up ahead of WVU in this regard.

L'Ville - Gives you a rich basketball tradition and more football wise than UConn or Rutgers despite some lean years of late. Johnny Unitas and a host of current pros makes that a fact. May even be a bigger draw than UConn in hoops plus the bonus of not taking on Calhoun.

Cinci - Solid basketball and football. Recently been to a BCS bowl, and is a historically recognizable hoops program. Aside from that, hello to football recruit rich Ohio! Yes New Jersey has football talent, but would anyone really trade Ohio talent for NJ talent?

Sorry for another post on this but after reading a ton of posts and talking with some ACC buddies these are some facts that I feel at least warrent consideration.

If the ACC really wanted UConn and Rutgers as 15 & 16 why wouldn't they already have them? Had the ACC opted for UConn and Rutgers instead of Syracuse and Pitt these are the fears that would be weighing on my mind while on the outside looking in. I also tend to think if Syracuse and Pitt had turned down the ACC then Rutgers and UConn would be announcing their moves to the ACC by this point. They wanted 2 of the 4, not all 4 and took historical relavance as their first choices.

The main reason the ACC or Big 10 would want UConn or Rutgers is to keep the other ones from having it. If there isn't serious interest from either conference then either or both schools would just drop to small time regional programs due to lack of overall interest.
Bringing in UConn would solify that NYC will get a great shot at regularly hosting the BB championship.
Out of all the schools mentioned, ND & UConn make a ton of sense as additions. The rest, not so much. Might as well stay at 14 for a while IMHO.
Bringing in UConn would solify that NYC will get a great shot at regularly hosting the BB championship.

TM - I don't disagree but wouldn't adding ND and their NYC appeal carry some weight in that regard?

Bees - Exactly. Take any 2 of the 4 and it substantially weakens the BE. Didn't really matter which 2 aside from ACCs preference but the 2 they took are also the 2 most interesting to ND. They've made their move, now it's NDs turn.

SUR - My shared sentiment. Why go to 16 just for the sake of it? 14 is fine unless you are running short of options or options 15 & 16 were to obviously enhance the league. 14 certainly looks better for football scheduling.

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