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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Chocolate Chip Day!

Chocolate chips are small chunks of sweetened chocolate, often teardrop-shaped, with flat, circular bases. They may also be rectangular or square in shape, and vary in size, but are usually quite small. The original chocolate chips were made of semi-sweet chocolate. Today there are many other flavors, including bittersweet, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white and dark swirl, peanut butter, mint chocolate, and butterscotch. They are commonly used as an ingredient or component of muffins, cakes, pancakes, trail mix, granola bars, and ice cream. They are likely most popularly used in Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The invention of chocolate chips goes back to the 1930s. Ruth Graves Wakefield of the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts, cut up pieces of Nestlé chocolate and added them to a cookie recipe. Her recipe was added to the packaging of Nestlé chocolate bars in 1939, and a tool to chop the chocolate bar was also included. By 1941, Nestlé began selling chocolate chips as we know them today! Nestlé is still a major producer of chocolate chips, as is the Hershey Company. On National Chocolate Chip Day, we enjoy chocolate chips in as many recipes as we can!

SU News

Syracuse football: Orange are top 20 in returning production (TNIAAM; Wall)

It’s not even Memorial Day but it’s going to be hard to contain the excitement for the 2024 Syracuse Football season.

On Monday, ESPN’s Bill Connelly dropped the 2024 returning production rankings and Syracuse checks in at 16th with 77% of their production returning (or transferring in).

Syracuse is 5th among ACC teams behind Stanford, Virginia Tech, Virginia and SMU. The Orange will host those first two teams next season in the Dome, and will face two other opponents (Boston College and Miami) who are in the top 30.

Syracuse Football: 'Cuse gets into fray for 4-star edge, top-50 national prospect
(itlh; Adler)

Syracuse football has gotten into the recruiting mix for one of the top overall players in the sophomore class.

According to his X page, on Monday, 2026 four-star edge and top-50 national prospect Jake Kreul from Florida said that he received a scholarship offer from the Orange staff, led by head coach and ace recruiter Fran Brown.

The 6-foot-3, 225-pound Kreul, who holds more than 20 offers in total per recruiting services, is a standout at Bishop Moore Catholic High School in Orlando, Fla.

5 Things | Barnes Center at The Arch | Syracuse University (youtube; video; Syracuse University)

Kelvin Boakye '24 shares five resources the Barnes Center at The Arch has to offer Syracuse University students.

a person gets mic'd up in a television studio
Joseph gets mic’d up to do a practice take at the local CBS Station in Los Angeles. (Photo courtesy of Dhani Joseph)

To Live and Learn in LA: The Newhouse LA Experience (; Joseph)

If I had to sum up my experience in Los Angeles during the Syracuse University Dick Clark Los Angeles Program—which houses the Newhouse LA program—with one phrase, it would be “more than worth the price of admission.”

As someone who was born and raised on the East Coast, I always wondered what it would be like to live in Los Angeles. Before committing to Syracuse University, I was even interested in schools such as the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles. The Newhouse LA program allowed me to spend a semester in a city I might never have gotten the chance to live in otherwise, and now, I have roots here that will extend far beyond my time here.
From the moment I arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport, it felt as if I was in a totally different world than Syracuse; and that was okay. There’s no doubt that there was a transition period. From the time difference to the lowest temperature being in the mid 50s in January (although no complaints there), I knew immediately that I wasn’t in Upstate New York.

Instead of living in a South Campus apartment, I was treated to a beautifully modern apartment in Burbank with amenities like pools and a gym, among other things. And although certain buildings on the Syracuse campus —like Newhouse—are stunning in their own right, the Los Angeles program campus is brand new and has a premium feel to it. Syracuse University does an excellent job of providing everything a student needs to feel as comfortable as they would feel on campus and it’s very much appreciated.


ACC News

Broadcast Designations and Times Announced for Five ACC Football Contests (

Television designations for five premier Atlantic Coast Conference football games were announced Tuesday, May 14, as part of the ESPN Up Front presentation.

The 2024 fall season will be the first to feature 17 ACC football programs with the addition of Cal, SMU and Stanford. The 17-team conference scheduling model was announced last October.

Week 0 – Saturday, Aug. 24
  • 2024 Aer Lingus College Football Classic (Dublin, Ireland) – Florida State vs. Georgia Tech, noon ET on ESPN
Week 1 – Friday, Aug. 30
  • TCU at Stanford, 10:30 p.m. ET on ESPN
Week 1 – Saturday, Aug. 31
  • 2024 Aflac Kickoff Game – Clemson vs. Georgia, noon ET on ABC
  • Miami at Florida, 3:30 p.m. ET on ABC
Week 1 – Monday, Sept. 2
  • Boston College at Florida State, 7:30 p.m. on ESPN
“We look forward to the upcoming football season that will feature 17 league football members competing on a national stage,” said ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips, Ph.D. “We appreciate our Disney and ESPN partners and look forward to kicking off the season on August 24, with ESPN’s College GameDay making its first trip outside of the United States to feature Florida State and Georgia Tech in the 2024 Aer Lingus College Football Classic in Dublin, Ireland.”

ESPN’s College GameDay Built by The Home Depot will broadcast live for the first time from Dublin, Ireland, for the Week 0 ACC matchup between Florida State and Georgia Tech to kick off the 2024 season. This will mark the first time that ESPN’s College GameDay Built by The Home Depot will emanate from outside the United States.

The ACC’s non-conference schedule continues to be among the most challenging in the country. In addition to 27 games against Power 4 opponents, including Notre Dame, the ACC will play nine non-conference games against teams ranked in the final 2023 Associated Press Top 25 Poll and 10 non-conference games against teams in ESPN’s 2024 Way-Too-Early Top 25.

Eleven schools – Boston College, California, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Pitt, SMU, Stanford, Virginia and Virginia Tech – are scheduled to play two Power 4 conference opponents (including Notre Dame) this season.

All 17 ACC teams are scheduled to play at least six games versus bowl teams from last season, highlighted by Georgia Tech slated to play 11 games against a team that played in a bowl game last season.

In partnership with Disney/ESPN, the ACC experienced its most-watched football season in the College Football Playoff (CFP) era.

With Florida State's snub still fresh, the ACC plots to get more teams in the College Football Playoff (; Staples)

The wound remains raw more than five months later.

“What happened last year was tragic,” Florida State athletic director Michael Alford said Tuesday at the ACC’s spring meetings. Alford’s football team was excluded from the final four-team College Football Playoff after it went 13-0 and won the ACC title.

But it’s not only raw for the Seminoles, who have taken matters into their own hands by suing the ACC over its grant of rights and exit fee in what certainly appears to be an attempt to leave the conference as soon as possible. Florida State missing the playoff shook everyone in the league, from the schools actively trying to leave (Florida State, Clemson) to the ones that may need the league to stay together if they want to remain at the power conference level.

Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson, the chair of the ACC football coaches group, said the league’s 17 coaches — remember, Cal, SMU and Stanford begin ACC play this season — spent significant time discussing a two-pronged approach to improving the perception of ACC football as the CFP expands to 12 teams.

  • Every school needs to invest in football — not only the ones who feel they should compete for national titles.
  • The coaches want the conference to market the football product better rather than only focusing on the total offering of sports.
The worry now isn’t about a 13-0 ACC champ getting excluded from the CFP. In the system that begins this season, Florida State would have been one of the top four seeds and earned a bye into the quarterfinals. The concern now is about potential at-large playoff teams being passed over for spots by Big 12, Big Ten or SEC teams. After what happened to Florida State, it’s a legitimate concern.

“It’s a pretty fresh memory,” Clawson said. “What we want to avoid is having a school ranked 13th that should be 10th or 11th.”

Returning Production as of 2024 May 14 (RX; HM)

Returning Production as of 2024 May 14

Which college football teams will be the most experienced, with the most mature players? Notice this tweet from Bill Connelly:

The Transfer Portal has definitely affected this list. For example, Virginia Tech fell from 1st to 4th (still very high). If we just pick out the ACC schools, we get this list:

2. Stanford (85%)
4. Virginia Tech (84%)
6. Virginia (81%)
11. SMU (78%)
16. Syracuse (72%)
26. Boston College (68%)
29. Miami-FL (68%)
32. Clemson (68%)
41. California (66%)
44. Georgia Tech (66%)
47. Louisville (66%)
70. Wake Forest (61%)
80. NC State (59%)
89. Florida State (56%)
91. Duke (56%)
92. Pitt (55%)
99. Notre Dame (53%)
101. North Carolina (53%)

Now, will that be the order of finish? Highly unlikely!

Some ideas on how the ACC lawsuits might go down... (RX; HM)

Some ideas on how the ACC lawsuits might go down...

I'm not a lawyer, but this is my attempt to put some boundaries on the final amounts Clemson and FSU will end up paying to get out of the ACC and the remaining years of the Grant of Rights...

Minimum (Exit Fee only)

For a moment, let's say Clemson and Florida State are free from the Grant of Rights somehow, but they still must pay the exit fee. Let's go with the estimated value of $140 million per school for that fee. That's a total of 2 x $140M = $280 million.
With 2 of the original 15 contract signees gone, let's assume that the remaining 13 schools decide to split the exit fees evenly. That comes to $21.54 million per school - nice, but not game-changing nice. If a school decided to spread that over the next 10 years, it's only $2.15 million per year.

Worst Case Scenario for ACC (2024 May 14) (RX; HM)

Worst Case Scenario for ACC (2024 May 14)

One week ago, today, I posted my thoughts on the "best case scenario for the ACC" when it comes to the pending lawsuits with Florida State and Clemson. Now it's time to take an honest look at the worst case. What could happen, how bad would it be, etc.?

The Grant of Rights.

Clemson claims that, as written, the GoR doesn't really give the ACC rights to broadcast schools events once they leave the conference - although they concede that events played while the school was still in the ACC remain with the league. If the court agrees, it would essentially render the Grant of Rights useless as written.

What would the ACC do in a case like that?

First, they'd have to send their lawyers back to the drawing board to come up with an effective contract for GoR. In the meantime, it's likely that schools with offers to join significantly higher-paying leagues such as the SEC and the Big Ten would take that opportunity to make their exit.
This would be the worst-case scenario for the ACC, because under this scenario, it would certainly lose Clemson and Florida State right away, and very possibly UNC as well. Beyond that, it would depend on whether any other schools could get significantly higher-paying deals. I think that rules out jumping to the Big XII, but who knows which additional schools the SEC or the Big Ten might offer.

The ESPN contract.

Florida State revealed that Jim Phillips gave ESPN a deadline extension for deciding on their option to continue the existing ACC contract until 2035-36 (as written, it expires in 2026-27). FSU claims that was outside his authority to do. What if a judge agrees with them? Then the ACC would be without a contract in a little over 2 more years. This, too, would likely invalidate the Grant of Rights, since it is written to allow the ACC to fulfill its obligations under the ESPN contract.

What would the ACC do in a case like that?

Again, this would likely mean the immediate departure of both Clemson and Florida State, and possibly UNC as well (depending on how their internal politics works out). This would also mean that the ACC would need a new contract. The good news: they would get to go to market a decade sooner than they had planned. The bad news: they'd be doing so without at least two of their best football brands.

Who would even bid on ACC media rights beyond 2026-27? I think ESPN is a sure thing. Why do I say that? Two reasons: (a) they want to keep the ACCN revenue stream flowing, and (b) they want to maintain a relationship with Notre Dame football. Would it be at the current rate? Possibly, although they might insist on things like a 9-game schedule and maybe adding one or more schools.

Would any other network(s) be interested in ACC content? I can think of two or three. First, the CW, which already gets good tv ratings with ACC football and basketball content - and it's almost all 2nd or 3rd tier. If the ACC could carve out segment of games and sell them directly to CW, so much the better.

If the ESPN contract expires in 2026-27... (RX; HM)

If the ESPN contract expires in 2026-27...

As we discussed in our "Worst Case Scenario" piece this morning, there's a real chance the ACC may find itself without a television contract in a couple of years. What should the ACC do about a new TV contract? Here are my thoughts...

Separate Football and Basketball.

There are too many dissimilarities between the sports to lump them together in the same bucket - especially given that some of the biggest ACC brands are, essentially, basketball-only schools (Duke, I'm looking at you!). CBS may want a piece of ACC basketball, and so may ESPN, but neither may want it all. - and they may not have any good broadcast slots left for ACC football (a problem the Pac-12 encountered when it was looking for a TV partner). Rather than forcing one network to do it all, break up the media rights and sell them separately - likely the parts will be worth more than the whole!

Carve out a T1 and a T2 football package.

Following similar logic - and having learned by watching other conferences - I think it's high time for the ACC to break its football package into two or more chunks. The Big Ten has parts on Fox, NBC, CBS, and BTN; even the Big XII is split between ESPN and Fox. The T1 package could include the top game each week, plus the ACC Championship Game. The T2 deal could include a couple of games each week, perhaps one of them on Thursday or Friday night or late Saturday night. If it's better to alternate weekly picks like the B1G and XII have done in the past, then do that.

Florida State, Clemson STAYING in Expansion ACC, Tampering Laws Force SEC, Big 10 to Back Off (youtube; podcst; Locked on ACC)

Florida State, Clemson STAYING in Expansion ACC, Tampering Laws Force SEC, Big 10 to Back Off

Could Florida State & Clemson Be STUCK In The ACC For Two More Years? Top Ten ACC Football Players? (; podcast; Locked on ACC)

Could Florida State and Clemson be stuck in the ACC for two more seasons? Both Universities are suing the conference in efforts to exit the Grant of Rights.

ACC SHOW EPISODE 105 | COURT TV FOR FOOTBALL | WEEK 1 START TIMES (youtube; podcast; Pigskin Pete)


BREAKING: ACC gets MAJOR Conference Realignment NEWS | UNC | FSU | CLEMSON | BIG10 | SEC (youtube; podcast; Double Fries)

BREAKING: ACC gets MAJOR Conference Realignment NEWS | UNC | FSU | CLEMSON | BIG10 | SEC

FSU football: North Carolina manuvering to join Noles and Clemson against ACC? (; Hunt)

FSU football heard a lot of negativity from other schools in the ACC a year ago. One of the most outspoken schools was North Carolina, one of the founding members of the ACC. North Carolina Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham had this to say while appearing on The Adam Gold Show in early August 2023.

"If they want to leave then that's going to be their choice, but there's certain obligations that they do have," Cunningham said during an appearance on The Adam Gold Show. "We have an exit fee, and we have a grant of rights. I believe that the ACC is a great league, it's been a great league for a long time. Their frustration about the money — everyone would like to have more money and everyone would like to win more."



A pepperoni and sausage pizza from Paladino's, the 19th stop on our CNY Pizza Tour. (Charlie Miller | Miller |

CNY Pizza Tour, stop #19: The only reason to visit ‘one of the worst strip malls’ is the pizza (PS; $; Miller)

There’s only one reason why two guys from Florida would hop off a plane at Syracuse’s airport and drive 2½ miles southeast to a mostly-abandoned shopping plaza.


“Pizza from Paladino’s to be exact,” said Brian Nies of Orlando. “I told him that we’re going to go get great pizza.”

Grant Howard nodded while still working through a mouthful taken from the 16-inch cheese pizza they shared last Tuesday. “He’s right; you can’t get pizza like this down there,” he said. “You guys are lucky up here.”

We are indeed, gentlemen. If some starving sculptor were ever to carve a Mt. Rushmore of Syracuse pizza places, Paladino’s would probably be one of the four represented. They’re almost always among the finalists in best-pizza contests. This week, Paladino’s is the 19th stop in our CNY Pizza Tour, a calorie-fueled trek to as many pizzerias as we can visit in a year.

Micron is getting billions more in taxpayer money than anyone is talking about (PS; $; Coin)

When President Joe Biden came to Syracuse last month, he announced that Micron Technology would get a $6.1 billion grant to build semiconductor plants in Central New York and Idaho.

But the total taxpayer subsidy for Micron for building two plants in Clay and one in Boise could be more than three times that high.

Micron’s potential subsidies could be more than $20 billion, from a combination of federal, state and local incentives. Some of that money would come from direct government payments, like the CHIPS Act grant Biden touted.

The sweetest slice of the subsidy pie, however, would be a little-discussed provision of the CHIPS Act called the advanced manufacturing investment credit. That tax credit allows chipmakers like Micron to get back from the government 25% of what they spend on buildings and machines to produce semiconductors, or chips.

Micron says it will spend $50 billion through 2030 to build and outfit two fabrication plants, or fabs, in the town of Clay and one at its headquarters in Boise, Idaho.

For every dollar Micron spends specifically for chipmaking buildings and equipment, it can get 25 cents back on its taxes. Not all of that spending in Clay and Boise would qualify for the credit, but the vast majority would.

That means the tax credit alone could add up to more than $10 billion for Micron over the next six years, according to experts and’s analysis of publicly available numbers. The credit is the part of the federal effort that few are talking about. Biden never even mentioned the tax credit last month.

The CHIPS grant and tax credit could add up to a $16 billion federal subsidy for Micron to build the three fabs. The Clay project is much larger and would likely account for most of those subsidies.

It’s a lucrative deal for an American company that earned a $43 billion profit over the past decade by building chips overseas. That gigantic public support is key, national leaders say, to bringing chipmakers like Micron back from Asia to the U.S.

In exchange for that federal taxpayer support, Micron has said it would hire 4,800 people for the first two fabs in Clay and 2,000 in Idaho. That means each of those jobs could cost taxpayers more than $2 million. Micron has said the average pay for workers in Clay would exceed $100,000.

There’s another sweetener from the federal government for Micron: up to $7.5 billion in low-interest loans. Micron would have to repay the money, but the company could save undisclosed millions in interest and fees.

The CHIPS grant, tax credit and loan represent only Micron’s federal subsidies. Both New York and Idaho are giving Micron big incentives, too.

In New York, Micron could get another $2 billion to $3 billion in state investment and job creation credits for the two fabs in Clay. The company could also save several billion dollars in local and state sales taxes, according to county officials.

Destiny USA’s latest financial woe: Why At Home’s departure couldn’t come at a worse time (PS; $; Moriarty)

The closing of yet another large store at Destiny USA couldn’t have come at a worse time for the giant Syracuse mall, and now we know just how much the loss of At Home will cost the retail center.

In a credit opinion issued earlier this month, Moody’s Investor Service said it expects a small group of tenants to open at Destiny in 2024. However, it said they are “not collectively large enough to replace the lost leased square footage from At Home’s closure.”

The ratings agency said the closing of the At Home store will cost the mall nearly $1 million a year in lost rent.

The news of the loss of At Home comes just weeks before Destiny faces an annual deadline to extend or pay in full more than $450 million in mortgage loans.

Destiny is drowning in debt. The mortgage loans are part of a total debt of more than $700 million on the mall, which was appraised last year at just $133 million.

If Pyramid Management Group, the mall’s owner, cannot work out an extension of the mortgage loans, lenders could force the mall’s sale. That’s unlikely to happen, though, given the mall’s shrinking market value and occupancy rates amid the growth of online retailing.

Instead of paying off the mortgages, Pyramid has been successful in getting extensions on the loans, though with strings attached.

This year’s financial target for obtaining another one-year extension is having a 12-month net operating income of at least $19 million by June 6. Moody’s said Destiny is unlikely to meet the threshold from operations alone.

Pyramid did not respond to a request for comment.

At Home’s lease expires on Sept. 30, and the store confirmed to | The Post-Standard that it will not be renewing it. Corporate officials said the home decor superstore, which has occupied an 88,000-square-foot space on the mall’s first floor since 2016, will close Aug. 1.
Last edited:
Was at the Mall sat. It was really busy with foot traffic. Lines in the food court and Johnny rockets, Cheescake, the coffee store. Chuckies was hopping I saw people lined up at the escape room and the mirror room.

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