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Finally rewatched Clemson

I've seen people say this but it doesn't make sense. I think they would do it with the hope that it somehow keeps them in the conference. Should they stop showing favor now in hopes to get them to stay?

Conference changes are about money, not preferential treatment by refs.
if we had DE that teams feared I think we would have something with this D. We woulnt have to blitz to get pressure and it would make the zone that much better

the whole game flipped because Clemson could rush 4 and get home too often.
See Clemson blitzed more than I thought from my standpoint. Our ends played really well. Why we sent only 3 guys often I will never know after the first comeback completion. We should send the house cause I hate prevent. I thought our ends played tough. 4 and Lockett were awesome in run game. Also 52.
I'm encouraged by not having serious injuries coming out of the Clemson game. That is big. A big part of the perception of what transpired in this game came down to big plays. They made some and we didn't even when we had the opportunities to make many pics by our DB's and LB's. We basically just gave them 7 points on the fumbled pitch to Lequint. Our turnover to start the game by Shrader was BS as you clearly see a helmet to Shraders chin. The fact that was reversed is absolute crap. And we had way too many penalties at the worst times, namely 3rd down. I think we are a solid team. But there are certainly things that need to improve.

Shrader's accuracy isn't perfect but its not all that bad other than he needs to learn to throw the side line throws not so far outside. I think he pretty much has always done this. often Alford can make a spectacular catch but sometimes its out of bounds. He needs to put the pass in a more catchable spot in bounds and give his WR's a chance to make a play. Seems to bee too conservative in that he is worried about getting picked off in those situations. Its more of the receivers job to make sure that doesn't happen. But really if you put it to where your guy can go up and make a play in the field of play good things likely happen like PI's on DB's which happened to us ALL GAME. The chance DB's make a pic in these scenarios is very small. And if they happen to once in a while at least its way down field.

DL and LB played pretty well. But 3rd downs just killed us mainly because of DB play. If it wasn't a pass interference it was a reception on good scramble drills by Clemson WR's. There will be lots of discussion in the DB room this week about looking back for the ball when defending a deep ball. They failed to do this every time, probably about 6 times total. If the DB doesn't look back and there is any contact the Refs throw the flag, even if the WR initiates the contact. You have to turn your head. There will always be at least some minimal amount of contact. A good amount of these PI's can be fixed.

The D looked much better on some 3rd downs at times late in the game when we rushed just 4 and the DE's kept their contain on the outside to no let Klubnick escape the pocket and have the interior rushers continue to just push up the middle in there lanes. This allowed to have enough DB's to cover receivers. Some DB's really need to not bite short on some situations Including safeties when they are matched up on receivers without help over the top. And some like Gould need to make sure they are tighter in coverage on long 3rd downs late in the play when the QB is scrambling.

I'm guessing Bellamy and Farmer will start to get a larger share of minutes.

SU receivers need to better learn to adjust routes and come back to help their QB. They just look like they have no urgency to get open and don't know how to find open spots. Alford is terrible at this and this is one of his biggest weaknesses. A good example of this is the last offensive play with Shrader on 4th down. You could see Sharader was frustrated about it on that play.

OL has some work to do and mainly in respect to pass blocking. Hopefully Ellis can get in better shape soon and part of the reason he is not was his health but I'm skeptical on that happening.

Coaches need to review plays that may go our way including one sure Alford sideline catch where he got a toe in and another possible one by Hatcher where he may have touched down. Both would have been big plays. Would like to see some more creative routes over the middle and some routes that should be open more immediately when we know teams are bringing the rush. We can't just rely on Shrader's ability to scramble.
I agree about Alford but my question is do we teach the comebacks. Johnson really does need to watch the eyes of the receiver but wilson just isn’t big enough against big receivers.
I don’t think that’s accurate. The D schemed poorly and allowed him to move out of the pocket when we pressured him. He almost never ran to the outsides and made plays unless he was under pressure. Clemson was able to pressure GS from the outside. Forcing him to get through a hole and then to the outside or make a move to get outside. Our D gave the Clemson QB time to throw under pressure all game because we didn’t contain him. So he did have time to throw but not because GS was so much more under pressure in comparison.
Really bad edge containment.
Why would the refs favor Clemson, who can't make the playoff this year and is threatening to leave the conference?
I've seen people say this but it doesn't make sense. I think they would do it with the hope that it somehow keeps them in the conference. Should they stop showing favor now in hopes to get them to stay?
Unconscious bias of whomever(s) made that decision in the booth to reverse the call on the Shrader hit to the jaw!

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