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Co 2020-21 Iggy Award Winner MPG (special again)
Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to National French Fry Day!

French fries are a staple of fast food restaurants and diners, often being paired with hamburgers and cheeseburgers. A simple food consisting of potatoes—and maybe some salt—they are one of the most popular side dishes in the world. They are celebrated today by being made at home or eaten at restaurants.

French fries were most likely invented in Belgium, not France, but potatoes are native to South America. In 1537, Spanish explorer Jiménez de Quesada found them in a village in Colombia. They were soon brought to Spain, and became known as "truffles." They were small and bitter at the time, but better versions were soon cultivated. There was some resistance to potatoes in Europe, but they eventually caught on.

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‎Locked On Syracuse - Daily Podcast On Syracuse Orange Football & Basketball: Does Syracuse Have a Shot at JP Estrella? on Apple Podcasts (; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Matt Bonaparte and Owen Valentine provide an update on Syracuse basketball recruiting. The guys talk Class of 2023 and beyond.

Jim Boeheim says college basketball coaches are trying to prevent super conferences (; Howe)

Jim Boeheim
, longtime head basketball coach of the Syracuse Orange, is not a fan of conference realignment. Syracuse has been a part of the ACC since the 2013-14 season after leaving the Big East, where they had played since 1979. Amid USC and UCLA’s recently announced move from the Pac-12 to the Big Ten, Boeheim was asked if the basketball coaches across the country should try to stop super conferences.

“We talk about it and we are unanimous in what we think should be done," Boeheim said during an interview on SiriusXM NBA Radio, "and then the football schools do what they want to do. And they don’t listen to anyone else when it comes to that. You just have to understand that football runs everything because of the money, it’s obvious. But UCLA’s soccer team is going to be playing at Rutgers? In our (league) we just have a little short plane trip for all of our flights, it’s an hour, but they’re going cross country. Maybe they’ve decided that they just won’t play that much or they’ll come and play three games at once and then go back and say, ‘Well that’s what we’re doing.’ Because it doesn’t matter whether they’re happy, it’s football.

“... In a perfect world if you drew up conferences, you’d put them all in kind of the same areas, short travel, play each other, but it’s all about money right now.”


Tyler Ennis Excited to Play For Boeheim's Army in 2022 TBT (SI; Brown)

With just over a week until Boeheim’s Army’s first game in The Basketball Tournament, players are preparing to head back to ‘Cuse. For one of them it’s been a while since they’ve been in the salt city.

Tyler Ennis played for the Orange from 2013-2014 before being picked 18th overall by the Phoenix Suns in the 2014 NBA Draft. He went on to spend some time in the G-league and now overseas for a Turkish league.

The last few years have been tough for Ennis both because of the pandemic and injuries.

He broke his leg back in 2018 which then required a year of rehabbing to get back into shape. He then played a season before COVID hit, and after he got back to playing he tore his achilles.

Ennis says he is not going to let any of that stop him though, he is just ready to get back out there on a court in the states.

“Looking forward to just getting back out there, and play, and kind of show everybody where I’m at.”

The former Syracuse player had wanted to play for Boeheim’s army the last few years, but his schedule and life did not quite align with taking advantage of the opportunity.

Syracuse Basketball: Boeheim’s Army expects deep run, Tyler Ennis says (itlh; Adler)

Former Syracuse basketball star Tyler Ennis believes that Boeheim’s Army is poised to go far in The Basketball Tournament (“TBT”) this summer after cutting down the nets and collecting $1 million a year ago.

Sure, there are a lot of new faces for Boeheim’s Army in 2022, but that can be said about other teams competing in the TBT as well.

This summer, the Boeheim’s Army roster is a relatively equal blend of former Orange players and guys who suited up elsewhere in their collegiate days.

But the roster, in totality, boasts a lot of veteran players with professional track records, along with an experienced head coach in Jeremy Pope.

As such, Ennis said during a Zoom session with media members on Tuesday that he thinks Boeheim’s Army should journey on a deep run in the TBT this summer. Repeating as tourney champion, or at least getting to the final game, is certainly a realistic goal, he says.

Former Syracuse basketball stand-out Tyler Ennis, playing with Boeheim’s Army this summer, discussed his days on the Hill.

We detailed the 2022 Boeheim’s Army roster in another recent column. Tyler Ennis, a stellar point guard who was sensational in his one campaign with the ‘Cuse in the 2013-14 campaign, is one of several new pieces this summer.

He said that he’s been interested in competing for Boeheim’s Army for several years now, but injuries and other factors made that a challenge to happen in the past.

However, Ennis said that everything just came together for him to suit up in the 2022 TBT. Two of his Boeheim’s Army teammates are wing C.J. Fair and big man Rakeem Christmas, both of whom played alongside Tyler Ennis for Syracuse basketball in 2013-14.


Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

TBT: Tyler Ennis talks about reunions, returning to Syracuse with Boeheim’s Army (TNIAAM; Ostrowski)

In just 10 days, Syracuse Orange alumni will take the court at SRC Arena in The Basketball Tournament’s Syracuse Regional.

Among that group is newcomer Tyler Ennis, who is returning to Syracuse after playing his last few seasons overseas. The point guard previously spent the 2013-14 season with the Orange.

“I haven’t played in the States, in front of family for a few years,” Ennis said. “It’s something that me and Boeheim’s Army have spoken about.”

“I’ve always wanted to play, but the injuries have kept me from being available to play... This year, everything came together.”

Ennis first seriously considered joining TBT a few years ago, right before COVID hit. At that point, he decided to stay home in Canada. Now, after dealing with several injuries, a healthy Tyler is thrilled to be heading back to Central New York.

“I haven’t been back to Syracuse since I think the year after I left,” Ennis said. “It’s not an opportunity that I’d be able to get in any other league or tournament. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Although Tyler acknowledged that in a single-elimination tournament like this, anyone can beat anyone, he feels confident that his team can repeat.

“Our expectation is to win,” Ennis said. “With the roster we have, we really should be in the finals.”

“With something on the line, I think everybody’s a little more locked in right away.”

This will be Tyler’s first time playing alongside former Orange teammates C.J. Fair and Rakeem Christmas. He said that having this chance is a big reason why he chose to play in The Tournament.

“It’s a longshot to team up with guys, just based on what league they’re playing in.” Ennis said. “(Rakeem) kinda talked me into it.”

Ennis is mostly remembered for this buzzer beater at Pitt: something that he’s well aware of.

Syracuse Basketball: NYC guard makes huge rankings debut, plans to visit (itlh; Adler)

It was only a matter of time before sharp-shooting guard Elijah Moore from New York City, a Syracuse basketball recruiting target, entered the national rankings for his class, and in a big-time way.

The ‘Cuse coaching staff got involved with the 2024 shooting guard relatively early on his recruitment, offering a scholarship to the talented and underrated prospect this past April.

The 6-foot-4 Moore, when updated its national ratings for the 2024 cycle not too long ago, that recruiting service placed him as three stars and No. 104 overall. Considering that he was previously unranked by , this is a massive leap for Moore.

That being said, I believe that he is still undervalued by all of the primary recruiting services. As Moore continues his stellar play in grassroots basketball, look for him to emerge as a four-star, top-100 player, if not higher than that.

The competition is growing for NYC shooting guard Elijah Moore, who holds a Syracuse basketball offer.

Moore is a rising junior at Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx, N.Y. As a sophomore during the 2021-22 campaign, he helped lead Cardinal Hayes to the New York state Catholic High School Athletic Association (“CHSAA”) Class AA title.

Buddy Boeheim scores 18; Jimmy scores too, in Pistons’ summer league loss (PS; Waters)

Buddy Boeheim finally had the breakout shooting performance that Syracuse fans had been waiting for.

Buddy Boeheim, who had struggled offensively in his first two NBA summer league games, scored a team-high 18 points for the Detroit Pistons against the Indiana Pacers at Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas on Tuesday night.

Boeheim drained three of his five shots from 3-point range and went 6-for-8 from the field overall in Tuesday’s game. He also made all three of his free throw attempts.

Boeheim’s 18-point performance wasn’t enough to overcome the absences of several of Detroit’s top players in the 101-87 loss to the Pacers. Jaden Ivey, the No. 5 pick in this year’s NBA draft, sat out Tuesday’s game after turning his left ankle against Washington on Saturday.

Detroit’s Isaiah Livers, Saben Lee and Isaiah Stewart also did not play for Detroit.

Buddy Boeheim, who signed a two-way deal with the Pistons for the 2022-23 season, had scored just three points in Detroit’s first two games in Vegas. He was 1-for-3 from 3-point range in those two games.

On Tuesday, though, Boeheim took advantage of the extra court time and took advantage of his shooting openings. He also finished with one rebound and one assist in 26 minutes.

Swider Has Solid Outing as Lakers Top Clippers (SI; McAllister)

Cole Swider hit a pair of threes as he helped the Los Angeles Lakers rally from a double digit first quarter deficit to top the Los Angeles Clippers 83-72 in NBA Summer League action on Tuesday. With the win, the Lakers improved to 1-2 in the Las Vegas session while the Clippers fell to 1-1.

Swider finished the game with eight points on 3-8 shooting including 2-6 from beyond the arc. It was his worst outside shooting performance in the Summer League, but he also added four rebounds and three assists while also not committing a foul. Swider is now shooting 52.7% from three point range in the Summer League to date.

Swider came to Syracuse last offseason as a transfer from Villanova. He was not playing a consistently large role with the Wildcats and elected to look elsewhere for that opportunity. With the departures of Alan Griffin and Quincy Guerrier, Syracuse had the roster space and role available. With Swider's relationships with the coaching staff, it was a slam dunk for both sides.

30 Minutes in Orange Nation (ESPN; radio; Steve and Paulie)

Steve and Paulie open the show listening and reacting to Buddy Boeheim’s comments regarding his experience in the NBA Summer League. Then, the guys shift topics to The Open this upcoming weekend and touch on whether or not they think Tiger Woods has a shot to win at St. Andrews. Lastly,’s James Colgan returns to Orange Nation to continue the conversation and give some predictions.

Who are the top brands in the ACC? - (; Geisinger)

As the ACC continues to brace for the new realities of realignment, a variety of buzzwords constantly seep into the conversation. It’s a practice that would seemingly please Jack Donaghy of 30 Rock, but the word “brand” is unavoidable in these discussions. It’s the perfect filler, functioning as a through line between clunky recognizability metrics and potential draw as a TV product.

Unsurprisingly, North Carolina routinely pops from a brand awareness standpoint; years of basketball dominance, an appealing color scheme and the presence of Michael Jordan, one of the most marketed people in human history, have created somewhat of a juggernaut. (Advertisements: they do things to our brains!)

While the football program lacks, Duke basketball (powered by Coach K’s program-building) is one of the most powerful sports brands in the world. When it comes to the hardwood, the Blue Devils — backed by the unparalleled success and longevity of Mike Krzyzewski, the Nike swoosh and a slick social media presentation — have a global reach.

UNC and Duke basketball serve as two obvious examples; however, with realignment on the mind, let’s take a slightly more holistic approach to examining the top brands in the ACC, and why some of these programs could be on the move.

Who Are The Most Popular College Sports Teams?

YouGov, an online market research and analytics firm, constantly tracks two benchmarks to determine the famousness of various college sports programs: Fame and Popularity.

Fame is defined as the percentage of people polled who have heard of a college sports program. Meanwhile, Popularity is defined as the percentage of people who have a favorable opinion of these programs.

According to YouGov polling data (on all adults in Q2 2022), here’s how the ACC programs stack up, in alphabetical order, along with the national ranking for both metrics.

    • Boston College
      • Fame: 53 percent (No. 65)
      • Popularity: 25 Percent (No. No. 46)
    • Clemson
      • Fame: 70 Percent (No. 10)
      • Popularity: 34 Percent (No. 4)
    • Duke
      • Fame: 66 Percent (No. 17)
      • Popularity: 31 Percent (No. 16)
    • Florida State
      • Fame: 66 Percent (No. 18)
      • Popularity: 30 Percent (No. 18)
    • Georgia Tech
      • Fame: 58 Percent (No. 40)
      • Popularity: 26 Percent (No. 42)
    • Louisville
      • Fame: 70 Percent (No. 10)
      • Popularity: 29 Percent (No. 22)
    • Miami
      • Fame: 69 Percent (No. 12)
      • Popularity: 31 Percent (No. 13)
    • NC State
      • Fame: 50 percent (No. 80)
      • Popularity: 22 Percent (No. 83)
    • North Carolina
      • Fame: 64 Percent (No. 23)
      • Popularity: 31 Percent (No. 19)
    • Notre Dame
      • Fame: 80 Percent (No. 2)
      • Popularity: 41 Percent (No. 1)
    • Pittsburgh
      • Fame: 55 Percent (No. 51)
      • Popularity: 20 Percent (No. 131)
    • Syracuse
      • Fame: 58 Percent (No. 39)
      • Popularity: 25 Percent (No. 52)
    • Virginia
      • Fame: 55 Percent (No. 52)
      • Popularity: 24 Percent (No. 63)
    • Virginia Tech
      • Fame: 56 Percent (No. 47)
      • Popularity: 26 Percent (No. 40)
    • Wake Forest
      • Fame: 52 Percent (No. 70)
      • Popularity: 26 Percent (No. 41)

Popular Observations

Unsurprisingly, the high end of the YouGov lists are skewed towards universities with massive football operations; however, strong basketball programs carry weight as well. The Big Ten, SEC and ACC are well-represented, several of which hail from some of the largest athletic departments in the country.

In fact, three SEC programs — Florida (No. 1), Alabama (No. 5) and Georgia (No. 6) — all rank in the Top 10 of the Fame metric. Go out a little further, three additional SEC programs land inside the Top 11-20: Kentucky (No. 13), Arkansas (No. 14) and Texas A&M (No. 16). (LSU currently polls at No. 21.)



Developer proposes movie theater, restaurant, retail, apartments in eastern Onondaga County (PS; $; Doran)

A national-level developer is proposing to build a major commercial and residential project on an attractive large piece of land along North Burdick Street.

The undeveloped and wooded 129-acre parcel, east of Medical Center Drive in the town of Manlius, is under contract to be sold to Twin Shores Properties LLC, which is based in East Moline, Ill. It’s known as the Fietta property.

Twin Shores, which got its start in 2006, has developed projects in 44 states, including movie theaters and entertainment centers, retail, industrial, restaurants, hospitality and senior living.

The proposal is still preliminary and may change during the planning and approval process, said Syracuse lawyer Tom Cerio, who represents the developer.

Initial plans submitted to the town planning board call for a 70,500-square-foot movie theater, along with a coffee shop, fast-food restaurant and two retail spaces. That would make up the first phase of the development — the commercial portion, Cerio said.

The second phase tentatively calls for building about 300 residential units. The apartments would not be all in one big building. Instead they would be sprinkled out among several buildings. Cerio said the tallest would be three stories.

Cerio also said Twin Shores isn’t planning to ask Onondaga County for any payment in lieu of taxes agreements, which involve the temporary partial reduction of taxes.

The project would be concentrated on 47 acres of the parcel, with the rest left to be forever wild, Cerio said. The back portion, which runs up against Poolsbrook Road, would connect with village property.

The idea would be to make the development walkable, and include a sidewalk that would lead to a new crosswalk and allow people to cross the street into the restaurants by Target, Cerio said.

There would be sidewalks and trails to the existing Erie Canalway trail system. The two-acre Limestone Lake also would be incorporated, with maybe kayaks available for rent. There are lots of possibilities the developer will discuss with the town, Cerio said.

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