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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to National Noodle Ring Day!

National Noodle Ring Day is dedicated to a type of noodle dish that is made in a ring mold or Bundt pan. Noodle rings do not appear in many cookbooks today, but there was a time when their recipes were more easily found. A 1936 Pennsylvania Dutch recipe called for noodles to be mixed with flour, eggs, milk, and cheese, and to be put in a mold and baked. This is similar to other noodle ring recipes. Noodle Kugel, a Jewish dish, has similar ingredients, and is popular during Shabbat and Yom Tov. The center of the mold of a noodle ring is often filled. A 1965 Catholic cookbook recommended serving the dish during Lent and filling the middle hole with creamed fish or vegetables. Another popular filling for the center has been creamed chicken. It is unknown who created the day and when they did so, but with the creation of the day, it is certain the noodle ring will live on.

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30 most important plays from Syracuse football's breakout 2018 season (PS; Bailey)

With less than three weeks remaining until Syracuse football caps off its 2018 season in the Camping World Bowl (Dec. 28, 5:15 p.m.), this feels like a good time to look back on the team's best regular season since 2001.

It's easy to forget some of the early season highlights that the 20th-ranked Orange (9-3, 6-2 Atlantic Coast Conference) experienced at Western Michigan and at home against Florida State. It's also worth revisiting the pivotal two-game stretch against North Carolina and N.C. State that helped the program rebound from back-to-back losses.
So let's zoom out for a second and take a look at SU's most important plays of the fall thus far -- good and bad. Here are the moments that shaped a historic campaign and brought the program to this point.


CBS Sports Network


This ball took an UNBELIEVABLE bounce for @CuseFootball.

They get the ball right back on the INT.
No. 30: Scoop Bradshaw, Andre Cisco get turnover train rolling at WMU
A Syracuse football defense that would go on to tie for the national lead in turnovers gained set the tone early in Week 1.

On the first play of Western Michigan's second drive, SU junior cornerback Scoop Bradshaw thumped into wide receiver D'Wayne Eskridge after a slant route. The contact disrupted the catch as the ball slipped out, bounced off Eskridge's foot and into the arms of safety Andre Cisco.

The interception set up a short field goal from Andre Szmyt which put the Orange ahead 10-0 5:28 into the opener.

Twelve games later and Cisco, too, is at the top of a national leaderboard. The true freshman's seven interceptions are tied for No. 1 in the Football Bowl Subdivision with Boston College's Hamp Cheevers.

Camping World Bowl: Syracuse Orange First Look (; Stare)

The 2018 Orange
The Orangemen enter the bowl game with a 9-3 record on the season, thanks in part to a weak ACC. The Orange were the second best team in conference behind juggernaut Clemson Tigers, who nearly lost to Syracuse when freshman sensation quarterback Trevor Lawrencewas injured and Kelly Bryant chose to transfer to take advantage of the new four game redshirt rule.

Syracuse started the season 4-0 before the aforementioned loss to Clemson, 27-23. The Orange then fell victim to the hangover loss, this time a 44-37 overtime loss to another West Virginia rival, the Pittsburgh Panthers. Syracuse bounced back with a double overtime win over the North Carolina Tarheels, which kick started another four-game winning streak for the Orange. A 36-3 loss to College Football Playoff contender Notre Dame was the only blemish in the second half. Syracuse finished the season with a 21-point win over Boston College Eagles.

Offensively, Syracuse scored 489 points in 12 games, equal to over 40 points a game. This would have put the Orange has the second best offense in the Big 12. Defensively, Syracuse lost to two of the three ranked teams they played: Clemson and Notre Dame. Their only win over a ranked team came to N.C. State Wolfpack, back when people still thought the ‘Pack were good enough to warrant a ranking.

The Daniel Baldwin Show (; radio; Baldwin)

On today’s show Daniel and Paulie recap Syracuse’s win over Georgetown and discuss whether Daniel won the bet on Saturday when he hugged Patrick Ewing. Also, the guys talk about Will Grier sitting out of The Camping World Bowl and if they have an issue with his decision. Plus, Seth fills in for Josh to do ‘So What’ and so so so much more

Syracuse Football: Who cares if Will Grier isn’t in Camping World Bowl? (; Esden Jr)

West Virginia QB Will Grier won’t play in Camping World Bowl vs the Syracuse football squad. My question is, who freaking cares?

The topic was widely speculated leading up to the Camping World Bowl. Would West Virginia quarterback Will Grier play in Orlando vs the Syracuse football squad?

The answer to that question is a resounding no.

Multiple reports confirmed the news over the weekend that Grier would forgo his bowl appearance to focus on his preparations for the 2019 NFL Draft.
After hearing this news my question to the stratosphere is who freaking cares if he doesn’t play?

I mean seriously, so many Syracuse fans seem upset by the news. For example Chris Carlson of put out a poll to the fans to see what they thought:

Syracuse Football: Dino Babers won’t lose George Munger award to Dabo (; Esden Jr)

Syracuse football head coach Dino Babers has received a ton of accolades for his 2018 season, but one coach continues to intercept his praise.
A question was asked earlier this season, when will Syracuse football head coach Dino Babers finally get the praise he deserves?
Since that point:

  • Babers was robbed of ‘ACC Coach of the Year’
  • A few days later he subsequently received half of the prestigious ‘ACC Co-Coach of the Year’ by the Associated Press.
  • Dino was also named a finalist for the Dodd trophy, “which recognizes coaches of programs that excel in scholarship, leadership and integrity, both on and off the field” per official press release.
Now Dino Babers is receiving another national honor. Babers has been elected as one of six finalists for the George Munger Coach of the Year award:

ACC Football Rx: 2018 ACC Bowl Predictions (RX; HM)

Thursday, December 27, 2018

  • Pinstripe Bowl: #39-Miami (FL) (-3.5) vs. #55-Wisconsin (TP=50 Odds=.557) @ New York, NY
  • Independence Bowl: #40-Temple (-1) vs. #46-Duke (TP=58 Odds=.517) @ Shreveport, LA
Friday, December 28, 2018
  • Camping World Bowl: #21-Syracuse (-6) vs. #32-West Virginia (TP=68 Odds=.573) @ Orlando, FL
Saturday, December 29, 2018
  • Cotton Bowl: #2-Clemson (-10.5) vs. #3-Notre Dame (TP=55 Odds=.655) @ Arlington, TX
  • Belk Bowl: #28-South Carolina (-7) vs. #51-Virginia (TP=55 Odds=.608) @ Charlotte, NC

Mendenhall not interested in 'honeymoon period' at UVa (; Regan)

Going from BYU to a power conference like the ACC is quite the jump for Bronco Mendenhall, but so far the new Virginia head football coach has seemed right at home.

Mendenhall has been tasked with changing the culture at a Virginia program that has been to a bowl game only once since 2008. The difficulty of that task became apparent to Mendenhall immediately as he met the team.

"The team that was in front of me when I arrived at UVA, their eyes would not make contact," Mendenhall said at the ACC Football Kickoff. "Their heads were down. They looked right on the verge and acted right on the verge of despair. I remember changing what my message was to them, what I had prepared, when I saw that, working to inspire at that point."

UNC coach Mack Brown has a big recruiting weekend, lands six football commitments (; Pope IV)

Mack Brown has been on the job in Chapel Hill for less than a month. During that time he’s been putting together his staff and adding recruits.

Over the weekend, Brown was able to secure six verbal commitments, including four in-state prospects.

The top commitment came from four-star wide receiver Khafre Brown (6-0, 176) of West Mecklenburg (Charlotte) High School. Brown is the younger brother of UNC wide receiver Dyami Brown, who just finished his freshman season for the Tar Heels.

The younger Brown is the No. 8 ranked player in North Carolina according to 247Sports, and the No. 33 ranked wide receiver in the country. During his senior season, Brown caught 51 passes for 860 yards and 9 touchdowns, averaging 16.9 yards per play.

South View (Hope Mills) three-star wide receiver Emery Simmons (6-3, 185) originally committed to Penn State on July 28, but decommitted over the weekend and committed to UNC. Simmons tweeted “I’ve decided to decommit from Penn State and stay home and help UNC football return back to it’s greatness that (it) once was.”

New Louisville football staff revokes recruits' scholarship offers (; Lourim)

At least two of the Louisville football program’s 2019 recruits were “thrown for a loop” Sunday night when the incoming coaching staff informed them they would not honor the players’ scholarship offers.

Four players — athlete Anthony Adkins, guard Jack Randolph, wide receiver Stanley King, defensive tackle Denzel Daxon — have now reopened their recruitment. Those changes represent the first movement in Louisville’s recruiting class since the introduction of new coach Scott Satterfield on Tuesday.

Randolph said he received a call from recruiting staffer Pete Nochta, who informed him that “they were just looking to go in a different direction offensive line-wise, and told me I didn’t have the length or the weight to play in their system, so they pulled their scholarship," Randolph said.

After the news Sunday night, a parent of another prospect said, “The answer that was given to (recruits) was they’re trying to go in a totally different direction than anything Bobby Petrino wanted or had going on. So basically they’re cutting them? Because Petrino recruited them?”

ACC Football Rx: FSU 2018 - Toughest Schedule Ever? (ACCRX; HM)

There's no doubt the Florida State Seminoles played one of - if not the - toughest schedules in all of college football this season. NCAA Stats lists theirs as the 4th toughest behind Texas A&M, Pitt, and Georgia [LINK to NCAA Stats] - but somehow I doubt those schedules were really harder...

Chopchat lists 3 stats which show how insane 2018 FSU Football schedule really was; I've tried to take the slideshow presentation and condense it down to one page (but if you want to read it in its full glory, by all means click the link!)

1. FSU tied the school record for fewest losing teams played in one season (only 1):
Louisville is the only team that the Seminoles played this season who finished the regular season with a losing record (2-10). Two teams that FSU football played – Virginia Tech and Wake Forest – finished at .500; the other 9 teams had winning records.

2. FSU Football became just the 2nd program ever to play 2 CFB Playoff teams in back to back seasons (i.e. half of the playoff field!):
2017 - Alabama, Clemson
2018 - Clemson, Notre Dame


All things FSU (allthingsfsu; Z)

Neither the conference office nor the schools are disclosing their revenue projections, but some reports have suggested $10 million to $15 million in per-school revenue annually from the network — lofty expectations indeed that would have to be based on full distribution throughout the league’s footprint.

At the same time, Swofford is insisting the actual projections are much more conservative. He’s repeatedly told the schools that another launch like the SEC Network’s in 2014 isn’t likely. The SEC Network hit the airwaves with 60 million subscribers, the most successful cable launch in history, ESPN said, resulting in $7.5 million in new revenue, per school, in year one.

Five ways to revive a boring college football bowl season (; Baker)

When college football's bowl selections were announced last week, there was one widespread reaction.


The College Football Playoff field is filled with predictable big names and has stolen the focus from the other bowls. Which is probably for the best, because most of the other matchups are pretty lame.

The whole postseason system needs a reboot. Here are five ways to spruce it up:

1. Expand the playoff
One of the problems with the current system is that most of the games are relatively meaningless. Solution: Add more games that mean a lot.

Ohio State-Washington will be a fun Rose Bowl, but it would be even better if they were playing for the chance to advance toward a national title.



Syracuse physicist creates tiny sensors to assist in cancer detection ( )

A physicist in the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University hopes to improve cancer detection with a new and novel class of nanomaterials.

Liviu Movileanu, professor of physics, creates tiny sensors that detect, characterize and analyze protein-protein interactions (PPIs) in blood serum. Information from PPIs could be a boon to the biomedical industry, as researchers seek to nullify proteins that allow cancer cells to grow and spread.

Movileanu's findings are the subject of a paper in Nature Biotechnology (Springer Nature, 2018), co-authored by Ph.D. student Avinash Kumar Thakur. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has supported their work with a four-year, $1.17 million grant award.
"Detailed knowledge of the human genome has opened up a new frontier for the identification of many functional proteins involved in brief physical associations with other proteins," Movileanu says. "Major perturbations in the strength of these PPIs lead to disease conditions. Because of the transient nature of these interactions, new methods are needed to assess them."

Enter Movileanu's lab, which designs, creates and optimizes a unique class of biophysical tools called nanobiosensors. These highly sensitive, pore-based tools detect mechanistic processes, such as PPIs, at the single-molecule level.
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Noodle Rings? See, this is the very reason why Southerners in the ACC don't trust Syracuse! I mean, who eats that stuff? Ugh!
Noodle Rings? See, this is the very reason why Southerners in the ACC don't trust Syracuse! I mean, who eats that stuff? Ugh!

The south has it's fair share of gross food lol
Noodle Rings? See, this is the very reason why Southerners in the ACC don't trust Syracuse! I mean, who eats that stuff? Ugh!
As someone who has lived in the South for decades...some in SEC really don't want to go there with me. Okra is a poor excuse for a vegetable.
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Noodle Rings? See, this is the very reason why Southerners in the ACC don't trust Syracuse! I mean, who eats that stuff? Ugh!
I don't think noodle rings is a Syracuse thing. I have never heard of it.

December 11th is probably the weakest day of the year for these kinds of things. If you have a cause or a person or whatever that you want to claim a day for, choose December 11th.
As someone who has lived in the South for decades...some in SEC really don't want to go there with me. Okra is a poor excuse for a vegetable.

REAL MEN eat their okra BOILED! (slurp!)

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