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Co 2020-21 Iggy Award Winner MPG (special again)
Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Great Lakes Awareness Day!

Great Lakes Awareness Day celebrates the Great Lakes and highlights the issues they face, and how the lakes can be preserved. Events for the day have involved organizations such as schools, aquariums, and museums. There is not much information available online about how the day is celebrated or how it came to be.
There are five Great Lakes: Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario, and Erie. Together they make up the largest body of freshwater on Earth and stretch 750 miles from east to west. They are located on the border of the United States and Canada and touch the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, New York, and Pennsylvania. It is believed that at one time the Great Lakes were covered by a glacier—it receded towards Canada and left depressions filled with water.

SU News


Will Carrier Dome traffic get worse with new I-81? Think sieve not funnel, state says (PS; Weaver)

Getting to and from Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome will get better after a portion of Interstate 81 comes down, state officials say.

That’s because tearing down 1.2 miles of elevated highway will open up many more dome routes for drivers, according to the state transportation official who’s heading the I-81 project.

Right now, officials say, I-81 acts like a funnel forcing thousands of drivers onto the same crowded path aimed at one main exit.

Without the highway, it’ll be more like a sieve. Dome-bound drivers will be able to choose many different routes, officials say. Traffic will disperse across city streets as vehicles head up the hill.

“What we’re creating for the University Hill area is we’re creating multiple avenues to be able to get to the hill,” said Mark Frechette, the I-81 project director. “Other avenues will disperse the traffic through the hill and make that better.”

Here’s how Frechette and state officials say it will work:

Now, there’s a Carrier Dome bottleneck.

Currently, thousands headed to the Dome converge at Exit 18 off of I-81. That’s the Adams/Harrison exit. It’s so busy that there’s a contract between SU and the city for extra police help during big dome events.

Tearing down I-81 will eliminate that funnel, Frechette says. Instead, traffic will disperse on several different pathways, from Interstate 690 to the streets that cross under the viaduct now.



Elijah Gaines

Syracuse Recruiting Roundup: Elijah Gaines, Justin Hodges, Andre Jackson - The Juice Online (the juice; Cheng)

Brandon Triche is having a pretty good basketball season! On to today’s recruiting links…

Syracuse football was busy on Friday, handing out a bunch of offers. Starting in the class of 2020, Syracuse extended an offer to Alexandria (Va.) defensive back Elijah Gaines, he tweeted. Rated three-stars by 247 Sports, he holds offers from Boston College, Michigan, Duke, Notre Dame, Penn State and Purdue, among others.

Three-star defensive back Justin Hodges from Florida also picked up a Syracuse offer, he tweeted. The 2020 prospect is considered a Miami lean, and has an offer list that includes West Virginia, Louisville, Minnesota and NC State.

Capping off the offer list in this class, Syracuse also offered fellow Florida prospect Karaun St. Louis, he tweeted. Baylor and Kentucky are just some of the other schools that have offered the three-star wide receiver.

Moving on to the class of 2021, Florida linebacker Gaethan Bernadel tweeted that he had received an offer from Syracuse. He has a three-star rating from 247 Sports and holds offers from Kentucky, Miami and Minnesota, among others. Bernadel is also in the midst of planning a visit to South Carolina.

Another 2021 Florida prospect, cornerback Kevin Knowles, tweeted that he had picked up a Syracuse offer. Maryland, NC State, Rutgers and Wake Forest are among his other offers.



Five Syracuse Athletes the Class of 2019 Will Never Forget – Orange Fizz – Free Syracuse Recruiting News (; Aki)

Graduation for Syracuse University’s class of 2019 comes a week from today. In that crop is the like of Eric Dungey, Frank Howard and Jamal Custis. I will also be a part of that group, minus the vast amounts of athletic talent. Over my four years, I saw a lot of great players, teams and moments. But five individuals will always stand out during my time on the hill.

Eric Dungey

I have never seen a player like Eric Dungey. To me, the Giants got a steal in this kid. The grit that he showed game in and game out is unlike anything I have ever seen in an athlete. You always had a chance in a game that Eric Dungey was your quarterback. Just ask Clemson. The true metric of that is my favorite ever Dungey play. It wasn’t a breathtaking hurdle or bomb downfield. Dungey actually was credited with zero yards on this play. But in the late stages of an upset win over No. 2 Clemson, Dungey handed the ball off to Dontae Strickland. The play looked to be going nowhere, until the quarterback willed his running back to a first down on a crucial fourth and short.

That’s the lasting legacy of Eric Dungey for me. A guy who made winning plays and didn’t care what his individual stats said. Just the final score. And he finished his final game the same way he ended his first: a winner.

Michael Gbinije

Mr. Consistency brought it every night. In his senior season, he never scored in single figures. You knew what you were getting every night. He had it on offense, but was also a tantalizing part of the top of the zone. This consistency helped a largely inconsistent squad dance all the way to one of the most memorable Final Fours in Syracuse history.

Malachi Richardson

FSU Football: Fans react to Clemson landing another 5-star QB (; Hunt)

for gbo

FSU football has a top 10 recruiting class but Clemson is recruiting on another stratosphere right now. Fans react to DJ Uiagalelei’s commitment.

FSU football has work to do plain and simple. The 2018 season proved that and the last two recruiting classes have proven that.

The other thing factor is ACC Division rival Clemson is showing that the road to the ACC title is going to continue to run through Death Valley through the foreseeable future.

Clemson has won the ACC title every year since 2015, but FSU had realistic chances to win in both 2015 and 2016.

I’ve written numerous times over the years the biggest difference between FSU football and Clemson had been quarterback play. They’ve had their best quarterback in history to be succeeded by the next guy who became the next best quarterback in their history.

Here’s what I mean. Tajh Boyd was the best Clemson QB in their history when he finished his career there in 2013.

Deshaun Watson followed him and became the new best QB in their history. Kelly Bryant followed for a year and was serviceable until Trevor Lawrence came and is the most talented QB they’ve ever had.

All the while FSU struggled with the likes Sean Maguire and Deondre Francois and true freshman James Blackman thrown in the mix in 2017 at QB.

The only reason FSU had a chance to win in both 2015 and 2016 was because FSU was the more talented team overall(Clemson just had the better QB play).

Those days are no longer. Clemson now has the more talented roster and has another five-star QB in DJ Uiagalelei with Trevor Lawrence having TWO more years to play.

That means Uiagalelei will have an opportunity to redshirt and then play in 2021. Clemson has 14 commits for 2020 and all of them are considered blue chip players, including four 5-stars.

Their lowest ranked player is an offensive lineman that’s considered the No. 34 ranked offensive lineman in the nation.

Interview with MSTiger - 5/6/19 (RX; HM)

Interview with MSTiger - 5/6/19

INTRO: The Clemson Tigers won their first football national championship when I was a very young man, so for most of my life they've had one national championship... but now that the Tigers have won two of the last three titles, things have changed! To get a fan's perspective, today we've asked guest writer MSTiger a few questions about what the ride has been like and what he thinks the future may hold...

Q: What have the last 4 years been like to be a Clemson football fan?

A: Wow! What an amazing ride! But really it’s been longer than 4 years. Ever since 2007 when Arkansas’s plane was waiting at the airport to take Tommy Bowden to his introductory press conference the action hasn’t stopped. Bowden got a new contract that lasted 6 games and the rest is the best decade in Clemson football history. It’s been everything a fan can dream off. And the best part is having a Coach like Dabo Swinney as almost a life-coach for the whole fan base. Seemingly by the force of his will he has refused to let Clemson become just another Notre Dame or Alabama where anything short of a championship is failure. Long story short, winning a championship is more fun when winning championships aren’t the most important thing.

Q: I didn't realize it, but it was actually 6 years ago last week that you left your first comment on ACCFootballRx. Did you even imagine then that your favorite team would go on to play for 3 national titles in the next 6 years - and win two of them?

A: Not at all. I had high hopes we would become a consistent top 15 program, win some big games, and maybe sneak up and win a national championship one day, but to reach this level of consistent dominance is beyond what I thought possible.

Q: Today is actually the 6th anniversary of your first guest article on ACCFootballRx. What have you enjoyed most about blogging? Do you have any advice for our readers?

A: I’ve been really privileged that you give me some space for my thoughts every now and then. I don’t have the talent or skills to produce the volume of content that you produce on a daily basis, but I appreciate being able to share a train of thought with the world at large every once in a while. I try to make it worth the readers click. As far as advice, I’d say treat your football program like raising your kids in some ways. Take time to enjoy what it is today. It’s tempting to wish the days away only thinking about the greatest potential future moments, but there is so much to enjoy and be thankful for right now. I know that sounds cheesy, but stories like Tyler Trent’s remind us that football is a great part of life, but it’s not what life is all about.

Best OOC wins by team (RX; HM)

AllSportsDiscussion lists the best non-conference victories of the last 9 seasons in a great 6-part series titled: "The ACC’s 30 best Out of Conference Football wins of the 2010s – through 2018". If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?

What I decided to do is to single out their best OOC win for each team (not all teams made the list, so I've added my choices at the end):

1. #2 Clemson 44 #1 Alabama 16 - January 7, 2019
It is the national championship game that left most of the country in disbelief. Alabama was the media-anointed greatest team ever, and they got pulverized by Clemson in a fashion few thought possible. SEC Media members, and Alabama players months after the game still cannot rationally comprehend the beating Clemson handed to Alabama. It simply shook the college football world.

2. #1 Florida State 34 #2 Auburn 31 – January 6, 2014
This result will go down was one of the most historically significant games of the decade. This Seminole team was the SEC National Championship streak stopper that ended at 7. It also marked the end of SEC’s dominance over college football, and gave the ACC it’s first national championship in football in over 10 years. This Florida State team was a transcendent group, that achieved greatness.

7. #12 Georgia Tech 49 #7 Mississippi St. 34 – December 31, 2014
This game was significant in so many ways. It proved Paul Johnson’s Triple Option could succeed even if the opponent had weeks to prepare, and it lifted Georgia Tech to a top 10 finish in the 2014 season. The win was part of a series of SEC West losses where each ranked SEC West team lost it’s bowl game proving the best football teams in the country could now play and defeat the best teams the SEC had to offer. Mississippi State spent several weeks ranked #1, but were no match for the Yellow Jackets in this Orange Bowl game. This Georgia Tech team is the best non-FSU/Clemson ACC team of the decade so far.

12. Virginia Tech 35 #8 Ohio State 21 – September 6, 2014
Ohio State lost one game in 2014 on their way to the National Title and it was at home to the Virginia Tech Hokies. This game is a little lower on the list because Virginia Tech couldn’t use it to propel itself to a great season. It was more of a singular event than some of the other games. That said we were again able to see the genius of Bud Foster as a defensive coordinator. Foster called a masterpiece of a game, and the Buckeyes had no answer. This result very nearly kept Ohio State out of the college football playoff.

16. #7 Miami 41 #3 Notre Dame 8 – November 11, 2017
Mark Richt and his Miami Hurricanes had a vintage performance against at the time the #3 ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish. In prime time national TV, the Hurricanes absolutely ran the Irish off the field. It got Miami into the thick of the playoff chase and eventually into the top 5. Even though Miami lost their last three games of the season – they reached the ACCCG and made the Orange Bowl in one of their best seasons in years.

20. Boston College 37 #9 USC 31 – September 13, 2014
People have forgotten what an impressive win this was for Boston College. The Pac 12 was considered the best or second best conference in college football in 2014, and this USC team finished 9-4 and in the top 25. They entered this game in the top 10, and Boston College ran for a whopping 452 yards in the 37-31 win. Boston College QB Tyler Murphy was unstoppable in this one.

21. Pittsburgh 42 Penn State 39 – September 10, 2016
At the time this Pittsburgh win over Penn State looked like a nice rivalry win, and not that much else. As the year progressed it became one of the best non-conference wins of the 2016 season. Penn State went on to win the Big 10 Championship and just miss the playoffs, but they couldn’t beat the Pittsburgh Panthers. Pitt RB James Conner had 117 yards on the ground.

25. #20 Syracuse 34 vs #16 West Virginia 18 – December 18, 2018
Syracuse finished off on their best seasons in program history with a 34 – 18 route of #16 West Virginia in the 2018 Camping World Bowl. In 2018 the ACC, outside of Clemson, didn’t have a lot of quality OOC wins. This was the best non-Clemson OOC win of the season. Syracuse head coach Dino Babers guided Syracuse to 10-3 record and a top 15 finish. QB Eric Dungey threw for over 300 yards and finished off one of the better QB careers ever for the Syracuse Orange.

ACCN Rumor: Charter/Spectrum coming soon! (RX; HM)

Charter also dominates upstate NY...

ACCN Rumor: Charter/Spectrum coming soon!

From time to time here you'll read "links, news and rumors"... In the "rumors" category, today we have one from JFann of AllSportsDiscussion, who says he personally spoke to customer support at Charter/Spectrum as was told:

“Yes we are getting that [ACCN] channel. I don’t know when that announcement will be made. Possibly closer to the launch date”.

To read about his experience - including a second rep he spoke with - click this link:

Is Charter Cable closing in on carriage deal with the ACC Network?

We've been expecting that Charter/Spectrum would have little choice but to carry the ACC Network. After all, that's one of the primary cable carriers in Georgia, Upstate South Carolina (think Clemson area), and most of North Carolina. True, they are also big outside of the ACC footprint - but that's largely a matter of out-of-footprint carriage fee, which is much less.

If this "rumor" (from two Charter employees) proves to be true, that only leaves one big fish for the ACC Network: Comcast.


Clemson football finds Trevor Lawrence’s successor in DJ Uiagalelei (; Mitchell)

Clemson football’s loaded 2020 recruiting class got even better on Sunday with the commitment of five-star quarterback DJ Uiagalelei.

On Sunday, Clemson football landed a commitment from five-star quarterback DJ Uiagalelei, the No. 1 pocket passer in the 2020 recruiting class according to the 247 composite rankings.

The 6-foot-4, 240-pound passer out of Bellflower, Calif., chose the Tigers over Oregon, giving Dabo Swinney his successor to Trevor Lawrence, who probably only has two years left on campus before he heads to the NFL.

Uiagalelei has rare arm talent that had him on the radar of almost every major college program. He also has the attention of Major League Baseball, with his ability to throw 95-plus miles per hour on the hill.

He announced his commitment on Twitter:


2020 4-Star WR Malachi Wideman Announces Commitment (; Hladik)

Florida State football picked up a major four-star commitment tonight, and it comes from a prospect who may help their basketball program as well.

Sarasota (Fla.) Riverview four-star wide receiver Malachi Wideman committed to FSU moments ago, according to 247Sports. Wideman is the No. 32 wide receiver in the 2020 class.

He is also a standout basketball player. rates him as one of the top 100 hardwood prospects for 2020.

Additionally, 247Sports reports that Wideman is expected to play both sports at FSU.

Josh Newberg@joshnewberg247
'Noles landed a dynamic skill player in Malachi Wideman.

Two sport star, will play football and basketball at FSU.

Great pickup by his primary recruiter @CoachWoodie Fulfilling a dream: WR Malachi Wideman commits to FSU


60-Second Syracuse: Joseph Kren, batmaker to the stars

He turns his woodworking skills into a Major League enterprise. Video by Christa Lemczak
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