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Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to National Pig Day!

National Pig Day honors the domesticated pig. According to Mary Lynne Rave, who started National Pig Day with her sister Ellen Stanley in 1972, the purpose of the day is "to accord to the pig its rightful, though generally unrecognized, place as one of man's most intellectual and domesticated animals." Events where pigs are the focus are held at zoos, schools, farms, sporting events, and nursing homes across the United States, particularly in the Midwest. Some activities include having pig-themed parties where pink colored punch and pork are served, and pink ribbon pigtails are tied around trees. Pig-themed parades also are common. Some have interpreted the day as being a time to give pigs a break by not eating pork products, but others say it is the perfect day for eating bacon, ham, or pork chops.

SU News

Syracuse Orange 2023 Football Schedule Preview/Projected Record (; video; LucasRoss Sports)

I Continue My Schedule Previews/Projected Records of the 2023 College Football Offseason with the Syracuse Orange.

ACC News

NFL Combine Odds 2023 Feb 28 (RX; HM)

NFL Combine Odds 2023 Feb 28

Here's something you probably didn't think you wanted to know but may find oddly interesting anyway...

Combine props for records, times

courtesy via
While many players nowadays opt to hold a school-sanctioned Pro Day, the NFL Combine in Indianapolis is still a showcase of some of the best football talent. While we’re disappointed they got rid of the Wonderlic Test, has compiled a list of props for the event, including the always-anticipated 40-yard dash time, record-breakers, and more.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: These odds are provided strictly for informational purposes. We recognize that many fans appreciate knowing how outsiders view their team's "odds of winning". However, neither Hokie Mark nor ACCFootballRx supports, endorses, or condones gambling. We strongly urge you NOT TO GAMBLE! Use this information as it is intended by us: for informational and entertainment purposes only.
Odds are subject to change and current numbers can be found on this page:

Fastest 40-yard dash time

Over/Under 4.275 seconds

Fastest 20-yard shuttle

Over/Under 3.88 seconds

Most bench press reps

Over/Under 39

Fastest 60-yard shuttle

Over/Under 10.82 seconds

Longest broad jump

Over/Under 11 feet 6inches

Highest vertical jump

Over/Under 44 inches

Florida State Once Again Is Facing An Important Question. Should It Stay In The ACC? (; Weaver)

Last week at Florida State University, the Board of Trustees received a sobering report from Athletics Director Michael Alford. His “State of Athletics” presentation could be summarized in one sentence: “When it comes to money, we’re in deep trouble”. How deep? Compared to two other conference peers, when it comes to revenue, they are $30 million a year behind.

Much of their Atlantic Coast Conference colleagues could say the same thing. The Big Ten and the Southeastern Conference’s media rights deals have blown through the $1 billion a year mark, leaving each ACC school with an average annual rights fee of $17 million far behind their wealthier counterparts, according to a chart presented at the trustees meeting.

The role of the Trustees

According to the FSU website, the trustees are “the public body corporate of the university. It sets policy for the institution and serves as the institution's legal owner and governing board.” With 13 members, it “holds the institution's resources in trust and is responsible for their efficient and effective use.”

Dismantling College Football, Part 4 (RX; HM)

Dismantling College Football, Part 4

By 2012 the Big Ten and Pac-12 had conference tv networks, and so did Texas. The SEC Network was on the way. Stability at last? No way.
Remember, to get to this point, the SEC had expanded to 14 teams. The ACC was also sitting at 14, and the Big XII, which had dropped all the way down to eight members, lured TCU and WVU away from the Big East to get back to 10. The ACC even signed scheduling agreement with Notre Dame - more quality content!

Everybody wants 14 Teams!

But then Big Ten still had 12, and they weren't going to be behind the SEC in size! So, they did something about it... the B1G took Maryland from ACC and Rutgers from Big East to get to 14. This move also allowed the BTN to sell in-state subscriptions in Maryland and New Jersey, and it added two very productive recruiting areas to the Big Ten footprint - all in one move.
The ACC back-filled by taking Louisville from the Big East to replace Maryland. The Big East responded by spinning off the football-first schools to form the American Athletic Conference.

Could Florida State really LEAVE the ACC?! | Always College Football (; video; ESPN)

During the Always College Football mailbag, Greg McElroy discusses whether the Florida State Seminoles could really leave the ACC.

FSU Will Leave ACC First Chance They Get (youtube; video; CFB)

FSU Will Leave ACC First Chance They Get


See northern lights put on a dazzling display across Upstate NY skies (photos) (PS; Hernandez)

Sky gazers this week were treated to pulsating pinks, purples, reds and greens in a dazzling display of the northern lights in several states, including parts of Upstate New York.

While the typical auroras are seen in the Arctic region, according to geomagnetic storms, caused by coronal mass ejections (CME), can ramp up the northern lights and make them visible over much wider areas. Even so, Upstate New York can be quite cloudy, making the aurora borealis hard to see.

Sunday night into Monday morning however, some local residents were lucky enough to witness pulsating ribbons of color across the sky in places like the Adirondacks, Catskills, and over Lake Ontario.

Photographer Keith Walters has seen the auroras in his home base of Geneseo, NY about six or seven times in the past decade he said.

“Back in 2013-2015 was the first time I saw them. The sun was around a solar maximum in terms of solar activity and 10 years later we’re approaching another very active period of sun activity. So, every ten years you get a good opportunity to see them at lower latitudes,” he said.


The Center for the Arts of Homer was built as the First Baptist Church in 1893. It's now home to a 400-seat theater; dance, music and art studios; and a gallery displaying work from local artists. Kathe Harrington

How an old church turned a one-horse town into CNY’s hottest underdog music venue (PS; Struck)

There are two causes of traffic on the one-lane, single-stoplight main street in Homer.

The first is the weekday minivan frenzy when the elementary school lets out at 3 p.m. The second is the crush of concertgoers for appearances of high-profile musicians like Grace Potter or Judy Collins, who regularly roll into Homer to perform at the old Baptist Church on the village green.

That church, now the Center for the Arts of Homer, was steadily transformed by a group of locals into a popular small stage for nationally-touring acts and a hive for the region’s artists and arts groups. Now in its 20th year, it has become a magnet for state grants (the town just received $10 million in downtown revitalization money) and acquired another central building in the tiny downtown.

“I think people misjudge how much creativity we have in this community, and how much people actually value the arts,” said Ty Marshal, the director for the center. “We tend to be considered in the middle of nowhere, even though Homer is really somewhere.”

In recent years, the center has enticed crowds of concertgoers and nationally-recognized acts like The Bacon Brothers, Gin Blossoms, Janis Ian, Iron & Wine, Vanessa Carlton and more. It has become a scaffold for a lot of Homer and Cortland’s existing clubs and programs, and helped pull in millions of dollars to the town.

Last year, the center hit its first million-dollar operating budget, and bought a second, smaller church across the village green to be converted into an additional events space.
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