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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to National Ginger Ale Day!

March 13th is National Ginger Ale Day. We’ve been drinking ginger ale since early childhood—Mom gave it to us not as much as a soft drink, but as a palliative for stomach aches. It still works! In fact, ginger tea has been brewed for centuries, if not millennia, to aid with everything from indigestion to arthritis (it’s an anti-inflammatory). Just steep slices of fresh ginger root in hot water. Here’s more from Web MD. But back to ginger ale: Fortunately for those of us who reserve our sugar calories for dessert, ginger ale manufacturers make no sugar added* versions in addition to the classic sugar-sweetened (or in the case of the three largest brands, high fructose corn syrup-sweetened†).

SU News

Syracuse football: spring game will cap busy day in the JMA Dome (TNIAAM; Ostrowski)

If you're a fan of both Syracuse Orange football and lacrosse, you might want to set aside all of April 20th.

First, Gary Gait and the men’s lacrosse team play their final regular season game inside the Dome at 2 against Virginia, with coach's brother and fellow SU legend Paul Gait set to have his jersey retired.

Then at 7, Fran Brown will lead his squad onto the turf for the spring football game. The second game in the doubleheader will be open to the public, and Fran is promising something special for those who attend.

Almost time to get the pads on ⏳

Make sure you come see us in the Dome on April 20
— Syracuse Football (@CuseFootball) March 5, 2024

With competitions already underway for roster spots on Brown's reloaded team, there's a real opportunity to have a true inter-squad game as opposed to the very watered-down scrimmages of the past two years.

If you need an extra incentive, these are almost certainly the final athletic events in the Dome before the current bleachers are removed and replaced by chairback seats for the 2024 football season.

Jeff Rubin ’95, G’98 Named Syracuse University’s First Chief Digital Officer (

Chancellor Kent Syverud today announced that Jeff Rubin, an innovative leader, accomplished entrepreneur and longtime member of the Orange community, has been named the University’s inaugural senior vice president for digital transformation and chief digital officer. Rubin, who first arrived on the Syracuse campus as an undergraduate in the 1990s and has been a member of the School of Information Studies faculty since 1996, will lead Syracuse University’s digital transformation efforts. Reporting to the Chancellor as a member of the executive team, his appointment was approved by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees and begins on April 1.

Rubin has served as special advisor to the Chancellor on digital transformation since July 2021, overseeing many consequential projects, including the installation of the distributed antenna system (DAS) system, bringing high-speed connectivity to the JMA Wireless Dome. Rubin’s portfolio as chief digital officer will include building a Universitywide artificial intelligence strategy, overseeing data management and security, and leading the information technology team, among other key priorities.

“As an entrepreneur and educator, Syracuse University has given me so much over the years and it is my honor to serve and support a place that not only transformed my life but the lives of generations of students,” says Rubin. “The digital needs of our students, faculty and staff have changed at lightning speed in recent years. Given the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and the breakneck speed of technological transformation, it is imperative for the University to provide a best-in-class digital and technological experience to our campus community at this critical juncture. The work we do in this space today will have a lasting impact on our students of tomorrow.”

“Jeff has dedicated the much of his life to serving Syracuse University in a variety of important and impactful ways,” says Chancellor Syverud. “His entrepreneurial approach to transforming the digital experience, his ability to build high performing teams, and his track record setting and executing innovative strategies will allow him to excel in this new role. Jeff has an extraordinary history of success, and I am confident that under his leadership, Syracuse University will be on course to be a digital and technology leader.”

ACC News

Rare Feat: 2-Sport Champs (RX; HM)

Rare Feat: 2-Sport Champs

It's not easy to win a national championship in football OR basketball, but how hard is it to win one in both sports? So hard that only 10 schools have done it (but 3 of them are in the ACC next year!)

College Programs With A National Title in College Football + Men’s Basketball
— College Football Report (@CFBRep) March 12, 2024
Don't believe it? Here are the years these ACC schools (as of 2024) won their titles:
most recent

TV: ex-Pacs, ACC vs XII

Monday morning we looked at the impact of FSU on ACC TV viewership. Now, we'll look at how ACC and Big XII teams draw when they're not playing a Big Ten or SEC team, Florida State, or Notre Dame...

ACC, XII, + Pac-2 teams on major networks when NOT playing the Big Ten, SEC, FSU, or ND

A lot of folks talk about TV viewership data, but they don't take out the impacts of realigned teams and the future ahead, where they won't be playing Texas, Oklahoma,…
— Tony Altimore (@TJAltimore) February 23, 2024

Schools with more than 2 million viewers per game, average (not including Florida State or Notre Dame themselves):

New ACC:

  1. Clemson (2.98M)
  2. Louisville (2.39M)
  3. Syracuse (2.20M)
  4. Va. Tech (2.20M)
  5. NC State (2.16M)
  6. Virginia (2.14M)
  7. N. Carolina (2.09M)
  8. Ga. Tech (2.05M)
  9. Miami (2.00M)

New Big XII:

  1. Colorado* (2.79M)
  2. Iowa St (2.32M)
  3. K-State (2.30M)
  4. TCU (2.13M)
  5. Okie St (2.10M)
  6. WVU (2.08M)

Advantage: ACC

Keep in mind that previous Big XII TV numbers included not eight games per year against Texas and Oklahoma, but nine; they are losing 17 quality games per year.
Meanwhile, the ACC, which has more 2+ million viewer teams without FSU and ND, still have 8 FSU games and 2 to 3 Notre Dame games per season. Those games are not included in Tony Altimore's analysis here - but they are included in real life!
What about JUST the former Pac-12 schools - who got the better deal, the ACC or Big XII?

Ex-Pac-12 Teams vs. Realigned Confs

As the former Pac teams settle into new conferences, here's a look at how their TV ratings (in Nielsen-rated games) look against all foes from their new confs:
— Tony Altimore (@TJAltimore) February 23, 2024
Teams over 1.5 million


  1. Stanford (2.89M)
  2. California (1.80M)

Big XII:

  1. Colorado* (1.72M)
* Keep in mind, all of these numbers for Colorado were impacted by Deion Sanders first year coaching there - he only won 4 games, however, and only 1 in conference play.

Advantage: ACC​


Ex-Penn State football defender joins ACC program via transfer portal (; Thomas)

Ex-Penn State football defender joins ACC program via transfer portal

Less than two weeks after announcing his departure from the Penn State football program, the three-year veteran of the Nittany Lions has found his new team.

It didn’t take long for a one-time veteran of the Penn State football program to find a new home. On Tuesday, former Nittany Lions defensive lineman Jordan van den Berg announced that he was committing to Georgia Tech out of the transfer portal. The graduate transfer announced his departure from Penn State on March 1, and joins the ACC program after appearing in 11 games for the Nittany Lions in 2023.

Jordan van den Berg commits to Georgia Tech out of the transfer portal

The transfer portal journey for Jordan van den Berg was one of the quicker experiences we’ve seen for departing Nittany Lions this offseason. The redshirt junior announced he was leaving the Penn State football program two weeks ago and officially entered the transfer portal on Monday.

On Tuesday, van den Berg announced that he was moving from the Big Ten to the ACC, committing to Georgia Tech. “I’m coming home,” van den Berg posted on social media. The South African native went to Providence Christian Academy in Lilburn, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.

— Jordan van den Berg (@JordanvandenB12) March 12, 2024

Jordan van den Berg came to Penn State in 2021 by way of Iowa Western Community College. Highlighted on Bruce Feldman’s college football freaks list last year, van den Berg recorded 26 tackles and 2.5 sacks in three seasons for the Nittany Lions. He will have two years of college eligibility remaining.

Who Wins in a Fight: ACC Mascot Edition (; Shepkowski)

It’s March and in case you didn’t know – people really love brackets this time of year.

A few days ago, March 9 to be specific, was legendary college football coach Mike Leach’s birthdate as the late coach would have turned 63. As great as he was in developing the Air Raid offense, Leach was just as good at entertaining during media appearances.

Perhaps Leach’s best response to a question came when he handicapped who would win in a fight between Pac 12 mascots.

That got my mind going about who the best fighter would be of the 15 ACC mascots.

With all that in mind, here is a very scientific look at how the ACC mascot fighting championship would go down…

The Format

We are going with a bracket to decide this instead of a free-for-all. That way there can’t be any alliances where perhaps all the birds (Louisville, Boston College, and Miami) team up to take out a Panther or Tiger. Instead of overthinking the seeding, we’ll instead just go with how the 2024 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament worked out. Check it out below:

Round 1: Notre Dame Leprechaun vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket

If it were a swarm of yellow jackets then we’re looking at something different but with it being a single yellow jacket against a leprechaun, it ends early for the Georgia Tech representative as a shillelagh to the head proves fatal. Winner: Notre Dame Leprechaun

Round 1: NC State Wolf vs. Louisville Cardinal

Since when did cardinals have teeth? Despite the addition to this bird the wolf from North Carolina State makes quick work here. Winner: North Carolina State Wolf

Round 1: Boston College Eagle vs. Miami Ibis (Sebastian)

These could easily be two of the toughest mascots to take out and unfortunately, they meet in the first round. An eagle is the national bird of the United States which speaks for itself while Ibis is known to be the last of the wildlife to seek shelter during a hurricane. Sebastian brings some obvious toughness and is probably my favorite of all ACC mascots, but how does he take out an eagle? He doesn’t. Winner: Boston College Eagle

Round 2: Florida State's Chief Osceola & Renegade (Horse) vs. Virginia Tech Hokie (Turkey)

It’d be advised to stop this fight before it was even started because how is that turkey above going to even be able to defend itself against Chief Osceola and his horse Renegade?

That turkey would be roasted faster than you could blink. Winner: Chief Osceola and Renegade

Round 2: Notre Dame Leprechaun vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacon

The leprechaun may have used the shillelagh to eliminate the yellow jacket but the size discrepancy proves costly while approaching the Demon Deacon. Winner: Wake Forest Demon Deacon

Round 2: NC State Wolf vs. Syracuse Orange (Otto)

Otto the Orange is on the shortest of lists when it comes to the most beloved mascots in college sports. Let’s be real though – Otto was done for the second the idea for this silly bracket popped into my head. Winner: NC State Wolf

ACC Mascot Champion: Clemson Tiger



A breakfast pizza from Di Lauro's Bakery on the city's North Side, the ninth stop on our CNY Pizza Tour. (Charlie Miller | Miller |

CNY Pizza Tour, stop #9: Bacon and eggs on a pizza? A real breakfast of champions (PS; $; Miller)

Nothing kickstarts a morning after a long night like day-old pizza. The cold slice has been a breakfast delicacy since colleges were invented.

Somewhere along the way, though, a wise entrepreneur had the forethought of combining one of America’s favorite dinner foods with an all-American breakfast. The end result was a legitimate breakfast pizza, and that’s exactly what Di Lauro’s Bakery and Pizza on Division Street has been serving for generations. You get your bacon and eggs, and instead of bread you get a nicely buttered crust. Throw in some sausage, ham and a mess of cheese and you basically have a portable Grand Slam.

“We have a regular neighborhood walk-in crowd, and so many people make this pizza their breakfast,” said Di Lauro’s president Paul Waverchak. “We go through a lot of these every morning.”


The margherita pizza from Sal's Pizza & Restaurant in Baldwinsville. (Charlie Miller | Miller |

CNY Pizza Tour, stop #10: Owner went from Italy to Jersey to B’ville to perfect this favorite pizza (PS; $; Miller)

Sometimes it’s just easier to choose your meal by letting a true expert do it for you.

At Sal’s Pizza & Restaurant in Baldwinsville, that expert is Sal LoMedico. He’s been cooking pizza since he was a child in Southern Italy. He’d go to work with his parents in their restaurant, where he learned how to make marinara sauce and hand-toss their homemade dough.

After the family immigrated to the United States, Sal continued making pizza in New Jersey and then Upstate New York. In 2015, he and his wife, Meow, opened their own pizzeria on East Genesee Street.

On a recent Friday smack dab in the middle of this Lenten season, Sal decided he would be bringing home one of his margherita pizzas. In fact, this meatless specialty served as the centerpiece at least two other tables inside his newly renovated bar here.

“This is one of our best pizzas,” Sal said. “The flavors blend together so nicely. You can taste how fresh everything is.”

Very well. I’ll have what he’s having.

Let’s go grab one of these Vatican-approved slices ...

Upstate NY ice cream company, brewery team up for new flavored beer (PS; $; Herbert)

An ice cream company and a brewery are teaming up for a new flavored beer in Upstate New York.

WIVB reports Perry’s Ice Cream, headquartered in Akron, N.Y., and the Southern Tier Brewing Company, based in the Chautauqua County village of Lakewood, are launching a new “Orange Twist” drink this summer.

Orange Twist will be an imperial ale with notes of orange sherbet and Perry’s vanilla ice cream, according to Southern Tier. The beverage will be 8.6% alcohol by volume.

The two companies previously collaborated on a similar ice cream-inspired beer, Vanilla Scoop, last year. The popular drink was also an 8.6% ABV Imperial Ale.

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