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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Paper Clip Day!

Get ready to get your papers organized! It's Paper Clip Day! Paper clips (or paperclips) are flat pieces of metal that can hold papers in place without disturbing them and don't need to be bent or be pinched together to work. They gained in popularity at the end of the nineteenth century, when various types were created and many patents were applied for. This was at a time when steel was new, and the machines used to make large quantities of paper clips were invented.

Fastening papers together was first done in the thirteenth century. Short pieces of ribbon were put through parallel cuts that were made in the upper left-hand corners of paper. In 1835, John Ireland Howe, a New York physician, invented the machine for the mass production of straight pins. These pins were designed to be used with cloth, but people also used them to fasten paper together.

It wasn't until at least the 1860s when paper clips as we know them today began being made, and it wasn't until the 1890s that production really picked up. Many types of paper clips were made because many of the new designs had patents, so manufacturers had to make their designs unique. They often focused on certain aspects of the clips. For example, a manufacturer would focus on making paper clips that could hold a thick stack of papers, that would not tear the paper, or wouldn't get tangled with other paper clips.

In 1867, Samuel B. Fay invented a clip for attaching tickets to fabric. His patent mentioned that it could also be used to hold paper together. It was not used for this at the time, however, but in 1896 the "Cinch" paper clip debuted and used Fay's design. Fay's design was then sold under many names during the late 1890s. Other early paper clip patents include one by Erlman J. Wright in 1877 and one by Frank Angell in 1889.

Many see Johan Vaaler of Norway as the inventor of the paper clip. He created a paper clip made of a wire that had one turn in 1899. He patented it that year in Germany, as his home country of Norway didn't have patent laws at the time. He received an American patent for his invention two years later. A year after that, Cornelius J. Brosnan received an American patent for his "Konaclip" paper clip.

The paper clip we are most familiar with today, which has a double oval, is the "Gem" clip. Designed by Gem Manufacturing in England, it made its debut in 1892. It was never patented, but the machine used to make it was patented in 1899. There are countless other types of paper clips that have been made over the years. Some designs include the Non-Skid, Ideal, Owl, Eureka, Sheet Brass Gothic, Proco, Angell, Utility, Vice, Acme Correspondence, and Nifty.

SU News

Luke Carney excited for Syracuse official visit (; McAllister)

Syracuse football landed one of the most productive quarterbacks in the talent rich state of Texas earlier this cycle in Luke Carney out of Dallas Christian. He committed following an unofficial visit to get a closer look at the program. Now he will be on campus this coming weekend to take an official visit.

"I have shut down my recruiting and am already preparing to be at Syracuse in January," Carney said. "My official visit is this week (May 31-June 2). I am excited to meet and continue to get to know the other commits in my class."

Just because Carney has committed to Syracuse does not mean the Orange coaches have stopped recruiting him. They remain in constant contact.

"Coach Nixon and coach Campanile came to see me last week in Dallas," Carney said. "Coach Campanile was able to meet my head coach, Mike Wheeler, for the first time and it was great to have coach Nixon back on campus. We had a long visit and I am thankful they made the trip. Each time I spend time with the coaches it reaffirmsI am heading to the right school."

The 6-2, 200 pounder has been busy since he committed to Syracuse.

"I have wrapped up the school year and am beginning to start summer workouts," Carney said. "I have been lifting a lot and have been doing specialized training to maintain my speed.

Carney says he is bringing toughness, work ethic, leadership and the ability to build relationships with his teammates to Syracuse. While he had an extremely productive junior season, completing 80.2% of his passes for 3,723 yards and 47 touchdowns, he believes there are certain aspects of his game that remain underrated. That includes his speed and athleticism. All of that combined is why Syracuse went after Carney so hard early in the cycle.

Since committing, Carney was back at Syracuse for the annual spring game. He enjoyed watching his future team perform, seeing some of the offensive vision, hanging out with other commits and getting to spend time with his future coaches.

SU could be a winner with newest NCAA change (; Burstein)

The NCAA today is almost unrecognizable compared to ten years ago. Between Name, Image and Likeness (NIL), the expansion of the transfer portal and conference realignment, college sports seem to change every year.

The next big change for the NCAA came last Thursday, when the NCAA announced a deal with the Power 5 conferences to allow schools to directly pay its athletes, likely starting in fall 2025. Some athletes from the past ten years will also receive pay from the NCAA.

As an ACC team, Syracuse athletics will now become involved in the financial battle to get the best talent. Schools will be allowed to use up to $20 million per year at the start. So the question now becomes, can SU keep up?

In short, the answer should be yes. For the 2022-2023 school year, the ‘Cuse Athletics Fund raised $45 million dollars, a record high. If that number continues to grow, $20 million can easily be set aside for player payments. And if the NCAA eventually allows schools to go above that limit, the Orange should be prepared to offer more to athletes.

SU’s athletic finances are complicated because of its status of a private school. But looking at public ACC school booster numbers for comparison, some schools like Florida State and Virginia brought in over $500 million from 2005-2022. That’s roughly $30 million a year, which should be doable for the Orange based on the ‘Cuse Athletics Fund numbers.

The split of $20 million dollars a year might become more complicated. Most schools primarily are focused on basketball and football as revenue sports, but with prestigious lacrosse programs at SU, the revenue may have to be split more ways.

Keeping Up With The 315 5-28-24 (ESPN; radio; The 315)

Brian opens the show with the latest transfer portal rumblings about how a player most of us learned about this morning is likely no longer an option. Then, he continues his 100 day countdown to SU football with talk of Utah joining the ACC? What? Lastly, news drops about a 5-star recruit making his decision and Brian goes over the chances he picks ‘Cuse.

Syracuse Athletics Must Adapt to the New NCAA Rules Allowing Schools to Pay Players Directly (youtube; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Syracuse Athletics Must Adapt to the New NCAA Rules Allowing Schools to Pay Players Directly
Syracuse football has pivotal official visits coming up from 4-star priority recruits (itlh; Adler)
Starting this weekend and running through mid-June, numerous Syracuse football 2025 four-star and three-star recruiting targets are expected to take official visits to the Hill.

To date, head coach Fran Brown and his assistants have hauled in a strong 2025 class, consisting of at least 19 verbal commitments and with a national ranking that hovers around the top 10 around the country, per multiple recruiting services.

With an abundance of 'Cuse 2025 targets taking official visits to Central New York soon, it's certainly possible that Brown and his top-flight staff could add some verbal pledges to this cycle sooner rather than later.

Below, I'm going to highlight some of the key official visits coming up, from my perspective, but this list isn't meant to be fully exhaustive.

In recent weeks, I've noted many upcoming official visits for Orange 2025 four-star and three-star targets via other articles and social media posts.

Here are some important near-term official visits from 2025 recruits to Syracuse football.

May 31-June 2
Gabe Daniels, a three-star wide receiver out of the Greater Atlanta Christian School in Norcross, Ga. Daniels has a top three of the Orange, N.C. State and Kansas.

•Blake Belin, a three-star defensive lineman out of Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx, N.Y. Belin has a top five of Syracuse football, Duke, Georgia Tech, Virginia and Wake Forest.

•Isaiah Mizell, a three-star wide receiver out of Boone High School in Orlando, Fla.

•Vernon Allen III, a three-star wide receiver out of Baltimore City College High School.

June 7-9
•Malik Washington, a four-star quarterback out of Archbishop Spalding High School in Severn, Md. In early January, he included the 'Cuse in his top six. A recent 247Sports report indicated that Washington could make a college decision during the weekend of June 28.

•Jaden Wilkerson, a three-star offensive tackle out of Edgewater High School in Orlando, Fla.

•Skylar Harvey, a three-star offensive tackle/offensive guard out of Archbishop Curley High School in Baltimore.

NCAA agrees to pay college athletes so what does this mean for the Syracuse Orange (TNIAAM; Wall)
Late last week the NCAA decided to finally let colleges pay athletes directly. Does this mean no more worrying about the future, or is it doom and gloom for the Syracuse Orange?

Well, in typical NCAA fashion this isn’t going to be as cut and dry and without complications. The thread from Ross Dellenger addresses some initial questions and we’ll touch on some of the highlights below.

Damages will be paid to former athletes in football and basketball and revenue sharing will begin in 2025. Will the revenue sharing fall under Title IX guidelines? Will this increase the gap between the B10 and SEC and everyone else?

Some other items from the new agreement could have a significant impact on Syracuse sports. Scholarship limits will be removed and replaced by roster limits. Football’s 85 scholarships is the big talking point, but it could have a bigger impact on Olympic sports.

Will this allow schools to determine how they fill rosters? Would this be a boost to the lacrosse programs? Would it allow the Orange to invest more in sports like women’s soccer to provide better alignment with Title IX?

What about conference realignment? Does it accelerate the notion of a Super Conference or do schools start to reconsider their options? It’s all pretty much anyone’s guess right now.

Despite the good news of revenue sharing, there are some concerns moving forward. The NCAA still continues to be looking for Congress to get involved.

One of the hopes from the NCAA’s side is that this would eliminate the collectives and put NIL solely under the colleges who would verify that all deals are for “market value” and would be part of a revenue cap. What exactly is “market value” for NIL? Can the NCAA really stop the NIL floodgates by legislating deals?

Syracuse Football: Talented 3-star CB, who holds a 'Cuse offer, discloses his top 7 (itlh; Adler)
Jayden Shipps, a high three-star cornerback in the 2025 class from Maryland who has a Syracuse football scholarship offer, has trimmed his list of contenders to seven.

The Orange isn't in his top seven. Per a post from the X account Steezo, Shipps' seven finalists include Tennessee, Indiana, N.C. State, Maryland, Wisconsin, Virginia and South Carolina.

The 6-foot-1, 180-pound Shipps said on December 12, 2023, that he had received an offer from the new 'Cuse staff, led by ace recruiter and head coach Fran Brown.

ACC News

Top 20 Tuesdays: Best ACC Football Games of the 2024 Season (; Bertheaud)

With realignment running wild last summer, the (remaining) power football conferences all got facelifts heading into 2024. Three of the most bizarre additions to any league were Stanford, Cal, and SMU joining the ACC – which stands for Atlantic Coast Conference, but I digress. The new look will provide a bunch of odd, yet interesting matchups, along with some of the standard ACC scuffles we know and love. I decided to compile a list of what I consider to be the 20 best ACC conference games of the 2024 college football season. To remain as objective as possible, I asked myself strict criteria questions about each and every game:

National Interest – Will the average college football fan care about this game?

ACC Title Importance – How will this game impact the race for the ACC Championship game?

Competitive Game – How much potential is there for an exciting/dramatic/awesome game?

Rivalry – Is it widely considered a rivalry?

Unique – Is there a differentiating “cool” factor to the game?

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get to the list:

Honorable mention: Virginia at Virginia Tech on 11/30

We're entering year three for head coach Tony Elliott at UVA. After some recent success in the portal, he and his team need to prove they can be competitive in conference play (3-12 in his first two seasons), especially against their rival. Virginia Tech whipped the ‘Hoos 55-17 last season – if they get crushed again, the writing may be on the wall for Elliott.

20) Clemson at Pitt on 11/16

A late-season road trip to Pittsburgh? That’s never gone poorly for any team before (sarcasm). In all seriousness, the Panthers should be pretty bad in 2024, but never underestimate Pitt doing Pitt things. Clemson needs to be on high alert as the ACC title game draws near.

19) Miami at Syracuse on 11/30

Miami making a November 30th visit to the former Carrier Dome is reason enough to get this one on the radar. First year Syracuse head coach Fran Brown also went out and got himself a proven QB in Kyle McCord - along with a dozen other quality transfers - to bolster the Orange's roster (Top 10 net portal rating according to On3). Do they have enough depth to hang with Miami on the last week of the year? Like Clemson going to Pitt, the 'Canes need to be careful if they want to finish the season at the top of the ACC standings.

You're Wrong About WHY The ACC Wants Utah | Utes Logic For ACC Over B12 | ACC Teams On EA College FB (youtube; podcast; Locked on ACC)

There are many bogus theories out there as to why the ACC would want to add the Utah Utes to their conference. People have been saying it would be a “desparation move” to try and keep FSU and Clemson happy and potentially drop their lawsuits. In reality, these situations can be mutually exclusive. If the ACC has a chance to add Utah, as is being reported, they could add one of the strongest college athletics programs of the past decade to their roster. This is a plus for the conference whether or not they manage to keep FSU and Clemson long term. Hosts Alex Donno and Kenton Gibbs agree that FSU and Clemson will most certainly gert out of the ACC in the near future. Adding Utah could help the conference survive long term. A new report from Luke Fletcher of Rambling Roundup explains why Utah finds the ACC more attractive than the Big 12. Donno and Gibbs break down an odd comment from SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey about the possibility of student athletes forming a union in the future. Sankey did say something interesting about possibly bringing mandatory injury reports to college football. EA Sports has released their tier system for payments to universities for the new College Football video game. Which ACC team made it into Tier One?

Is Utah Ditching the Big 12 for the ACC? | Conference Realignment | Utah Utes | ACC (youtube; podcast; 365 Sports)

David Smoak, Paul Catalina, and Craig Smoak discuss their thoughts on the rumors surrounding Utah joining the ACC, is this realistic for the Utes, is this just a rumor or could it actually happen, and more. Join David Smoak, Paul Catalina & Craig Smoak for the latest on College Football and more from the wide world of sports!

Utah to the ACC? Would Utah really leave the Big 12 already? (youtube; podcast; Locked on Utes)

Could Kyle Whittingham and the Utah Utes be relocating conferences again? Is the ACC in a better spot than the Big 12 with Florida State and Clemson trying to leave?

Utah Football: Is the ACC a stronger conference than the Big 12? (youtube; podcast; Locked on Utes)
Could the Utah Utes be on the move again? How legit are the ACC rumors for Utah?Would adding Washington State and Oregon State make the ACC more attractive for Utah? Is Cam Rising the best quarterback in the Big 12?On today's episode of Locked On Utes, JT Wistricll and Drake Toll of Locked On Big 12 look at the latest Utah conference realignment rumors
Utah Strongly Denies Report Linking Program to the ACC (pittsburghsportsnow; Ludwig)
Utah is now involved in a “he said, she said” regarding the future of the athletic department.

Dick Weiss of the NY Daily News reported over the weekend that were was discussion surrounding Utah possibly flipping to the ACC from the Big 12, which the Utes are officially joining in July. He further reported that the discussion centers around the ACC being a better fit for Utah due to its ESPN Network deal and potential for increased TV value.

But at the same time, he said that there was skepticism regarding the stability and attractiveness of the ACC compared to the Big 12.

Brett McMurphy of Action Network shared a statement from Utah Athletics regarding the report, and continued speculation around the college football landscape:

“We are proud to be entering into membership in the Big 12 Conference in the coming months & and excited to join our new colleagues and member institutions. A report over the weekend that suggested otherwise is completely fabricated & irresponsible.”

Of course, words are one thing. Actions are another. This isn’t to say that Utah is going to flip from the Big 12 to the ACC, the Big 12 Grant of Rights is certainly a factor (although it would be interesting to see the dynamic of a school that has not yet joined its intended conference), but words have certainly been walked back on in the era of realignment.

The ACC is coming off its highest revenue year ever, up nearly $100 million in 2023, and with the new arrivals either taking no TV revenue (SMU) or a very reduced share (Cal and Stanford), it does create additional revenue to be distributed.

Cal, Stanford and SMU will begin ACC play in the 2024 season, in all sports, and all three have agreed to unequal revenue sharing. Cal and Stanford will receive 30% in the first seven years, 70% in the eighth year, 75% in the ninth year and 100% in the last three years. SMU will receive no revenue shares over the first nine years.

That revenue will be circulated back into the ACC, with all 14 previous full-time members and Notre Dame receiving a reported $50-60 million — and additional revenue able to be earned through winning.

According to a report by Steve Berkowitz of USA Today, the ACC brought in $707 million in revenue last year, which was third most among Power Five conferences (behind the SEC and Big Ten) and an increase of nearly $100 million.

“About $38 million of its increase came from TV revenue,” Berkowitz wrote. “The conference said in a statement that this was driven in part by Comcast picking up the ACC Network in December 2021, which made 2023 the first full fiscal year in which the network had reached full distribution.

Greg McElroy Names ACC Program That Could End 45-Year Championship Drought (; McKinnell)

NC State has won eight or more games in four consecutive seasons under head coach Dave Doeren. The Wolfpack won nine games last season but fell short of their first 10-win season since 2002 after a loss to Kansas State in the Pop-Tarts Bowl.

The Wolfpack have not won a conference championship since 1979. ESPN's Greg McElroy believes that NC State has the chance to end its 45-year championship drought next season. He discussed the Wolfpack's chances on the latest episode of Always College Football.

"NC State is very much in that grouping," McElroy said. "Maybe they're at the bottom end of that grouping, but there are four or five teams that I think could rally up and allow the stars to align that could potentially find themselves in the conference title game. Then, in a one-game season, maybe they find their way to the College Football Playoff by winning the ACC.

"They have not won their conference since 1979, so it's been a really long time as well for the NC State Wolfpack. Maybe they can get it done."

Doeren has done an excellent job of building a contender in Raleigh. He is currently the winningest coach in program history since Bo Rein in the late 1970s. He has led the Wolfpack to nine bowl games, and the program has been ranked in the AP Top 25 in two of the past three seasons.

Last season the Wolfpack lost three of their four games against ranked opponents, including a three-point loss to Louisville. NC State added former Coastal Carolina quarterback Grayson McCall, who has the potential to greatly improve the Wolfpack offense. He will have plenty of weapons, including dynamic wide receiver KC Concepcion.

NC State will open the 2024 season against Western Carolina on Aug. 29 at Carter-Finley Stadium.

Game Day Projection 2024 May 28 (RX; HM)

Game Day Projection 2024 May 28

Here are 247Sports' predictions for 2024 College Game Day games, along with my ACC alternatives...

Week 0: Florida State vs Georgia Tech

  • (confirmed)

Week 1: Norte Dame vs. Texas A&M

  • (confirmed)

Week 2: Texas vs. Michigan

  • (NC State vs Tennessee)

Week 3: Alabama vs. Wisconsin

  • (Pitt vs West Virginia; Virginia vs Maryland)

Week 4: Utah vs Oklahoma State

  • (Michigan State vs Boston College; TCU at SMU)

Week 5: Georgia vs. Alabama

  • (Virginia Tech at Miami; Louisville at Notre Dame)

Week 6: Clemson vs. Florida State

  • (Pitt at UNC)

Week 7: Ohio State vs. Oregon

  • (Stanford at Notre Dame)

Week 8: Georgia vs. Texas

  • (Miami at Louisville)

Week 9: Oklahoma vs. Ole Miss

  • (Oregon State at Cal; FSU at Miami)

Week 10: Ohio State vs. Penn State

  • (UNC at FSU; Virginia Tech at Syracuse)

Realignment Rumor 2024 May 28 (RX; HM)

Realignment Rumor 2024 May 28

Oregon State Beaver posted this on X/twitter Monday night:

First of all, let's look at the moving parts here:

He's realistic about possible realignment.
Leaving the ACC:

  • Florida State
  • Clemson
  • North Carolina
State(s) lost to ACCN:
  • South Carolina
That's it - just one small state.
Coming to the ACC:

  • Utah
  • Oregon State
  • Washington St
  • San Diego St
  • Tulane
  • USF
State(s) added to ACCN:
  • Utah
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Louisiana
Not huge states (the ACC ignored me when I was stumping for Cincinnati!), but decent additions nonetheless. It does have the added benefit of changing ACC football membership from a relatively inflexible odd number of teams (17) to a more schedule-friendly even number (20).

Regarding the 6 teams the author is suggesting the ACC will/should add...

What if the ACC lost 6 teams? (RX; HM)

What if the ACC lost 6 teams?

Today we've been discussing the possibility of ACC expansion, but what if the P2 strike first? If the ACC had to do a major rebuild, what schools could it add, and what would it look like?

What if this more-or-less worst case scenario actually happened?

  • B1G adds Miami and Virginia for 20.
  • SEC adds Clemson, Florida State, N. Carolina, and NC State for 20.
At that point, the ACC is left with only 11 football schools:
  1. Boston College
  2. Syracuse
  3. Pitt
  4. Virginia Tech
  5. Louisville
  6. Wake Forest
  7. Duke
  8. Georgia Tech
  9. SMU
  10. Cal
  11. Stanford
Let's further assume that this depleted version of the ACC would be unable to pull from the Big XII at all. So then, which teams could the ACC add to get back to at least 14 (15 with Notre Dame)? Here are some thoughts:
  • USF - good academics, get back into Florida, too!
  • Oregon State - still respected as former P5
  • Washington State - ditto, just not as good.
  • San Diego State - gets the ACC into Southern California, just not L.A.
  • Tulane - capable of undefeated football seasons, good academics, too.
  • Temple - capable of undefeated football seasons, gets ACC into Philadelphia DMA.
  • UConn - perhaps the best basketball program in the country, but football liability.
  • Rice - gets the ACC into the Houston DMA.
  • East Carolina - with UNC and NC State gone, the ACC might consider them?

Is This FSU's PATH to LEAVE the ACC? (youtube; podcast; Double Fries)

Is Private Equity Money the ANSWER for FSU Football in their quest to leave the ACC? TJ and Richie discuss the pros and cons of external money hitting the NCAA.


A birds eye view rendering of the apartment building that will surround the former People's AME Zion church (Photo by City of Syracuse)

A birds eye view rendering of the apartment building that will surround the former People's AME Zion church (Photo by City of Syracuse)

Syracuse approves Gateway Apartments, aims to ease housing crisis with 300 units (; video; Oslander)

The city of Syracuse is moving forward with plans that will transform part of Syracuse's University Hill neighborhood. It will also help ease the city's housing crisis.

The Syracuse City Planning Commission has approved the Gateway Apartments project on East Fayette Street, which is set to offer almost 300 apartments.

Chris Geiger is a Syracuse University graduate who is eager to build his third apartment building in the city. He hopes it will help play a role in solving Syracuse's housing crisis.

Syracuse being harder to find a quality apartment versus New York City which you know on the surface sounds crazy but if you really know the market well you know that there is a lack of quality housing here.

Geiger thinks that this is an opportunity to capitalize on housing needed for Micron's future workforce and others in Syracuse. Retail and living spaces are planned for the future building – located just blocks away from Interstate 81 and the upcoming community grid.
“The retail component of the building is going to be a great one especially with 81 coming down we have right now about 6,000 square feet of retail we envision places that are going to attract younger folk that are living here.”

The project will be built around two existing structures: XO Taco and the former People’s AME Zion Church a historical landmark. Darien Jaime is the pastor at the church and he was concerned about the apartment building being so close by.

“If you build it so close to the church how will it impact the existing structure of the church.”
Geiger’s engineer Brian Bouchard of CHA Consulting assured the pastor that the former church would still be intact through construction with a design that complements the existing buildings on the block.


"The Sopranos" actor Joseph R. Gannascoli, also known as "Joe" and "Joey," poses for a photo with Janet Reilly while playing pickleball at Lysander Park near Syracuse on May 26, 2024. (Provided by Janet Reilly) Janet Reilly

‘The Sopranos’ star visits Central New York, meets with fans (photos) (PS; Herbert)

The Sopranos” fans know all too well what happened to Vito Spatafore, but the real Vito — actor Joseph R. Gannascoli — is alive and well, mixing business with fun.

Gannascoli, who played a key figure on the Emmy Award-winning HBO TV series, visited Central New York over the Memorial Day holiday weekend as a celebrity brand ambassador for Rocavaka Vodka. He autographed special limited edition bottles of the “vaka that rocks” that feature his name and face, plus smiled for photos with fans while appearing at the Tiki Bar, located at The Winds of Cold Springs Harbor Marina in Lysander.

“Vito! Fuhgedaboutit!” one fan wrote on Facebook after taking a photo with Gannascoli.

Gannascoli also took time out to enjoy the Syracuse area while in town, playing pickleball multiple times at Lysander Park in Baldwinsville, according to Janet Reilly.

Reilly, a North Syracuse resident who is a USA Pickleball Ambassador, said she saw him at the pickleball courts and introduced herself to him. She enjoyed conversing with him and took a photo together.
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