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Gonzaga beats Duke ...

Zion is playing like 2018/2019 Brissett tonight. The other lottery picks and no Tillie are keeping them in it.

Its also good to be the hunter and not the hunted. Maui will probably be the only time the Zags are in this position until late March.

Its one of the worries I have with us I'm scared about all of the ACC teams being out for blood against Syracuse because they'll either be elite defensive teams like us capable of playing the same style (VT/Clemson)... or we will not take them seriously see Notre Dame last year when they had no Colson or Farrell.
duke has 4 dudes in double figures and trails. 75-64. zags 64%deep.
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Not a nice looking venue. Zion is so quick and athletic
zags could iced this at the line. 89-87 10 seconds left.
I am impressed with Duke in the loss. Would have hated to see them win on missed FTs.

I don't think I saw one guy take a bad shot other than Zion and lets be honest any shot by him isn't a bad shot. Smart play allowed them come back against a veteran team playing flawlessly that could match their size and skill. Guys seem to have accepted their roles early.
bigger lesson here is make your free throws down the stretch . kept duke in the game.
I was stuck waiting for a good while in an airport and saw part of the Duke/Army game on tv(unlike the past where I was like a poor man's Marsh, I have limited myself to SU games for the most part now). Army actually was within arm's length for a decent amount of time, which should not be the case vs a team with the #1, 2, 3, and 8 recruits in the class, plus whatever returning players they have(and with SM saying Zion is better than LeBron...not to mention the best coach of all time at the helm, lol).

No shock to me that the #3 team in the land beat them, but it still was a VERY pleasant surprise when my father emailed me the news! I know there may never be another "Georgetown", but right now to me Duke bugs me like none other. Cal is old news. Please, if the government is going to waste portions of our wages(taxes) on messing with college hoops, for the love of Pete can they find out how Duke did something Cal couldnt even do?

Or at the very least, being JB is supposedly such a good buddy of Special K, why doesnt he share his recruiting secrets with him to somewhat close the huge gap? Warmer weather, hotter chicks? I mean they arent going for the esteemed education theyre going to get for 1 year for crying out loud.
...in spite of missing four straight free throws in final 30 seconds. Maybe Duke isn't that good. Or maybe Gonzaga is REALLY good.
Gonzaga looked impressive. For as good as duke is they don’t have great perimeter shooters. If you can hold your own on the boards and keep them out of transition they are very beatable. Granted that is easier said than done.
Both legit title contenders. Entertaining and high level game. Zags were missing one of their top snipers, too.

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