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How do we fill



Next year's schedule if we are stuck in the BE? We thought we had 8 BE games and 4 OOC games. If WV goes then we are down to 6 BE and 6 OOC games. We have 3 BCS games scheduled and likely will add a 1AA. How in the hell do we fill those other two games this late? Maybe we can get the ACC to help us out? Get one team to play us at the Dome and one on the road? They would have to give up a 1AA and make their schedule harder but it would help us and Pitt out. Then again that means we play 11 BCS teams, which is a lot. Otherwise we likely see two 1AA games again.
If WVU is in the Big12 next year, then it is very likely that we'll be in the ACC next year as well IMO. I think this will get settled and WVU will be let go as the BB schools will want some extra money and marinatto is going to get dragged through the mud and look like 3 month old road kill in Morgantown by WVU if they aren't let go.
The BE will never let us go early unless they have at least 8 FB teams (without us).
Either everyone goes...or no one goes. I don't think the BE is going to let us off easy on this.
We will play whatever new teams they add. I doubt those leagues will have timeline issues with their exits. League will probably work to ensure the most travel possible for us.
There are specific NCAA (and BCS?) rules about what constitutes a conference. If it requires 6 teams that have played together for 2 years then there's no way that all 3 get out early.

The right thing is for the BE to get a waiver on that rule (since it was raided once again) and pre-negotiate an AQ extension. Anything short of that means an additional year (or two) in the BE.

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