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I guess the grass is greener...


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Sep 17, 2011
and now SU becomes second rate in the ACC vs top dog in the Big East. Founding member to just like Miami and BC selling out it's tradition, rivalries and the rest of the teams in the BE (sorry, Miami never had any tradition). I guess the silver lining is that it's not the Big Ten... If and when this happens it's a sad day and for many of East Coast College football/ Basketball fans it's giving up on a dream that has existed prior to my time as a SU follower. Maybe they'll grow into some kind of football powerhouse, I tend to think nothing really changes for SU FB and that it all depends on the coach and his success and the teams success anyway.I will miss SU/ WVU, SU/ Gtown and all the rest. Many might think it's a great thing to go to the ACC, and I have nothing against the ACC, but from my perspective we just gave up and decided good fb cannot be played in the North East, maybe it can't and it's time sell out the farm, but that doens;t change the fact we are from the North East and all the challenges we face don't go away and maybe become harder. But when and if that happens something will be lost in all of this and it may take longer than my lifetime to find that something again in the ACC.
Let's say we say no. What do we do when they take UConn instead?
Hmm... That's a tough question dash. I guess we could go cry on CUSA's shoulders again. Maybe they'd loan the B East some teams in that case :crazy:
We will be fine in the ACC. So Duke and North Carolina are there, it won't be any tougher then the Big East. Outside of travel and loosing opponents right over the border. The only thing that sucks is loosing rivals, and loosing the Big East tournament. We will still play in MSG I bet. Relax recruits come from all over to play for Duke North Carolina and now as much as ever Syracuse.
Syracuse's rivals at one point were St. Bonaventure and Niagra. Things change.
Yeah. In 5 years, we could be the top dog in the MAC. That would be great.
If the BE were to stay intact with no school every leaving, I'd say we stay. However, I think Pitt, Uconn, Rutgers and maybe WV may all leave. At this point, I;d rather be proactive and leave on our own terms rather than scramble to find a good fit. It is sort of strange since I live in MD and have long hated the ACC and loved the BE but now it feels like we are joining the enemy, In the long term, I don't think we have any other options.

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