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I watched the presser and took notes:


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Aug 26, 2011
Things/quotes I found interesting...

On the finish …"especially these last two weeks holding onto kids that were getting bombarded by a lot of people"...opposing recruiters

"running back, it was a tough year to try and recruit running backs because these kids knew that we had some kids stockpiled that could play so we wanted a dynamic individual and we would only take one kid that could play both at the tailback position and get out and play in the slot"

"Florida they play a good brand of football and I really like the skill"

*Ishmael - Shafer commented that he knows Jeff Bertini personally

*First noticed Naes in 10th grade as a sophomore they didn't want to let him get away.

*On wr numbers. Shaf states "our productivity needed to be increased"

*On QBs. Need the competition. The New kids can extend plays.

*Graduating 77% of kids. Only 14 BCS schools are higher. 91% retention rate.

*Shafer stated he "went in a different direction on a couple of kids because their character did not match what they want at Syracuse"...implied or stated (I forget) these were higher rated kids

*18 kids in the class were captains of their team and four or five we're multiyear captains "great leadership qualities"

"we targeted about six or seven kids in the state of New York we really wanted. we got those offers out to the NY kids early and we hit them hard. We came away with two commitments out of New York to be quite honest with you I would have loved to get all seven kids that we targeted. We're still fighting that fight. To keep the kids at home and all we can do is continue to improve the product and hope that that helps us to keep those kids at home."

a conversation with his wife, "If we could of kept the kids at home in-state I never would be in Atlanta right now"

"The goal is to try and keep our kids at home We haven't been able to do that to the level we want to losing to the Florida's Clemson's last year Notre Dame this year lost to Pitt but that's the reality of it and some of those were circumstantial with regards to who we had on our roster and those kids said well maybe it's not for me I can play earlier at this place so we're going to fight that fight"

"To get back to your question on Chicago just like South Florida I'm indebted to Chicago... Some of those high school coaches are the most respected people in the business that I know."

Summarizing a story regarding Chicago, he said, "we started a clinic back in the day it basically grew and grew and those coaches remember that how we took care of those kids how they graduated now we made sure we did right by them it's really easy for me to go back in those neighborhoods and talk about those people some of my former players and uncles and parents are at those high schools. Comfort factor to be able to get back to." Name drops places to eat and finishes with "we got quality kids from that part of the country and I'm excited to see them on the field."

*Staff on recruiting. “I trust them, I let them go out there and do their job, they know what we're looking for”

“As long as we surround ourselves with people who want to play at Syracuse we're going to be in good shape every year”

“we've already started our junior list how many kids at what positions Those are kind of a misnomer we don't really know until we get these guys on the field because what will happen is the lowest rate kid in the class got a shot to be an All-American seems like it happens every few years and the highest rated kid maybe won't pan out the way we thought. So until you get them on the grass and let them compete find who they really are between the lines it's a waiting game to some degree so will put those things up on the dry erase board and be ready to use the eraser.”

“Flemings coming back he looks good he is running around he's excited he looks great he's got the bounce back into his legs”

Denzel tremendous upside first thing he brings to the table great attitude physical attributes that you can't coach 6 foot 7 1/2 a little over 300”

To paraphrase “the big kids we have Roberts, Ward and he named the wide receivers are big tall lean kids I'd rather put the weight on the right way and have to take the weight off.” “that said we needed some beef at defensive tackle. The physical attributes of our big kids are impressive”

“Chris Slaton if you guess how much he weighed you’d say about 220 but he's just under 270. He doesn't look it at all”

“I like long lean bodies that can run”

Jaylen Harvey, Katyn Samuels when we didn't score a victory in our own backyard and we need to go out and find the right types of people. At D tackle we found these two young men and I was really impressed both the kids who can set the point and hold the point. They can move and play in good football areas Georgia and Alabama that's good football And they're getting double teamed by people who know how to double-team and they're holding the point. Along with Wayne we have people who can separate the A and B gap it all starts upfront”

“Jaylin Harvey comes from SEC country and feels like he got gyped playing with a chip on his shoulder. Kid knows he can play with them”


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Aug 29, 2011
My favorite quote was when he mentioned that Naes nearly killed his own son during a high school game.


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Aug 27, 2011
Thanks. Sounds good. I'm ready to get on then field with these guys. I am excited and this year looks to be very good.

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