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Jun 18, 2018
Your opinion, please, when you have time - long story short - how does Rutgers alum, I think it's Dohn get away with reducing star ratings on Cuse recruits when Rutgers wants them and we get them? I didn't know it was so bad until today. Please be kind I'm new at this aspect of this guy.

This is a big deal when you have a new coach who is from NJ coached at Rutgers and is recruiting a lot of players from the state. I wonder if he knows about this ass but doesn't really care, but the kids do and it changes things when it comes to recruiting by other schools.

It seems ludicrous to me. How does everyone not know what he's doing and come down on him for it? A lawsuit would be nice - put him out of business! Has anyone accused him of jury rigging the system? He continues to get away with his baloney as I see posters attacking him recently for his issues.
If it's the truth you seek, and so the truth you will have...from my POV anyway.

With all internet driven articles, the author of the article more than likely has a KPI on the amout of clicks they get. The former Scout site who is open 24/7 now wants to drive clicks to its larger subscribed base(s).

Why is this? Well recruiting sites are extremely competitive, and if you look closely you will learn that CBS is the majority ownership group of 24 by 7 website. Who, may I ask, does this group have TV relationships with at the collegiate level? Wouldnt they want to drive clicks to their partnership conferences?

Tin foil hat now off. I do have to point out, and disagree as you a bit here, as it is typically a "Rival" of 24 by 7 that downgrades Cuse commitments that impacts their (247) composit rankings...and they are owned by Yahoo.

Dohn is still a Butgers shill, don't get me wrong, but I find him semi-competent in his evaluations.

At the end of the day, if you want a website to support your team, get people to subscribe to it. The alternative is to accept the evaluations done by the team, and follow their lead that they can find D1 tallent.
I don’t find it as much that he bumps SU commits down but moreso the Rutgers commits get unwarranted bump ups. I think this is in part because he has some bias towards Rutgers a little but more so he is so connected to the Rutgers staff. He takes their evaluations as gospel hence just slapping an 88 on some kid who commits to Rutgers and only has Stony Brook and Monmouth as other offers because staff told him guy will be legit. There might be a little bit of sour grapes too when Rutgers misses and staff tells him that he wasn’t a priority because of some reason and that’s when we’ll sometimes see the downgrades like with Duce.

Probably one of the more annoying things that I see currently from him is that said recruit will mention top 5 schools which will include us but in the headline he’ll say said recruit has major interest in PSU, FSU, Tenn, VTech and leave us right out. I feel like this is him antagonizing SU fans who call him out.

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