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id like to get a transcript of last nights chat

i did say mackey was a problem. he was.

See, that is ignorant, or if nothing else the pot calling the kettle black. Mackey let one early sack last night and that was it. In fact, later on, some commented on how he blew a dlineman back 7 yards on one run. The one to two shotgun snaps were perfect and there were no botched under center snaps. When's the last time we can say that?
this is so typical for tristan. Marrone isn't the right guy? Who is? There is no chrismatic guru that is going to come in here and all of a suden, 4 and 5 star kids are going to want to come here. We need a worker and a teacher. Marrone is both. There are things that bother me but he is the right guy for the job. This is the same type of crap you post about Hopkins. Yet, you believe that andy rautins, who has never coached or recruited, will be a great head coach for the orange.
Man, thats some serious crystal ball stuff going on right there. lol. How do you know this already? not being sarcastic, I believe you believe it. just want some more depth as to your rationale.

He doesn't know that already. He's staked a position and is sticking to it.

Of course he is wrong.

Anybody with a clue knew Marrone was the guy for the job before the job was even open.;)
Look..the game was completely awful for 3 quarters..what the hell was everyone supposed to be thinking? Our punting looked good? Nice three yard runs were being executed? Our receivers ran good patterns? We played like a used diaper filled with Indian food for much of the game. There was literally nothing to be excited about at halftime. And posters (myself included) were beyond frustrated at the lack of execution and smart play. We won..lets leave it at that and move on.

Well, I don't remember calling for anyone's head or doing any Macky bashing. But I did question alot of decisions made by the coaches and the players. I was pretty upset about Nassib playing like a wuss and I still think he did in the first half. I don't think he started to play well until he actually took a big hit (late hit).

I don't blame anyone though as it was fugly football and very reminiscent of the time we'd all like to forget. I don't think most the people there ever thought the game was over (improbable comeback maybe) but most everyone knew the game was still in reach and rooting when there was finally something to root for.

I wouldn't call anyone who stayed up until that point a "fair weathered fan" ... as no fair weathered fan would have been up at 11 on a thursday in a chat room while trying to stream a football game from a computer while your team is getting abused. That takes dedication to be that kind of fan ... complaints or not!

I did enjoy a lot of the banter. There was still some good humor to be had even in the darkest hour. There were some great nicknames given (Funky Cold Kobena) to name one and some good tidbits I wouldn't have gotten. I will certainly look for the chatoom again next week if it's online (OAA maybe?).
I did state, and will continue to state until the day that the SU admin decides that it expects more than overwhelming mediocrity, marrone isnt the right guy.

You're right, I wish we had Locksley, Gill, or Holtz instead of Marrone. Then, SU football would have surely become a perennial National Championship contender.
I really like Coach Marrone and the other staff. I think they have work to do with recruiting and game-planning but the team is playing with desire and pulled the game out because of what they're being taught. It was an exciting game as a whole and a great win with significant adversity, even if self-imposed. We'll be competitive if inconsistent but the Wake Forest game has certainly generated a lot of discussion. It's a great thing that the season has started in style with a win snatched from the jaws of agony. Should we not be psyched that we gave one away and pulled it back from the brink?

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