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if notre dame comes


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Aug 27, 2011
acc tournment is at msg. only thing tabacco road likes better than bball and cigarettes is money.
IMO it ain't gonna happen ... not w/o bringing the foootball team to the conference.
Everything I have seen or read has indicated ND will continue to strive for football independence, however if they believe that is unsustainable they will pursue the ACC. You have to believe that is what the ACC is waiting for. ND and UCONN to the ACC would almost guarantee the ACC tourney at MSG or Barclays on more than a rotational (every 4 yrs) type situation. $$$ rules and a semi final Saturday night with Cuse vs Duke and UNC vs maybe UCONN at MSG is something that will be special.
ND will have to bring fball into a conference sooner or later. This move has made it sooner they are not happy about it. Sure the B1G still is most likely for them but the ACC has made a play for them and will go 16 pretty soon with or without them which will basically leave ND to the B1G will less barganing power.
If no football, let ND play in the Catholic Conference with Seton Hall et al.
F Notre Dame, after the bullshit deal they had with the Big East for all these years frankly I'd like to see them end up with a raw deal. And they won't be any sort of deciding factor in the ACCT moving to MSG, Cuse is by far the biggest factor in making this a possibility, UCon would be next if they end up in the ACC, and Pitt also helps make it possible. Oh and throw in those two Carolina schools. ND brings big football value, not so much in basketball.
I was really surprised to hear that ND has alluded to the need to go to a conference ... preferably the ACC ... if they see their football independence taking the tube. They are watching the consolidations carefully ... especially in the Big 10 (12 or whatever it is or will be)... and if remaining independent is detrimental to their status they would consider joining a conference. Somehow I still wouldn't bet on it though.
IMO it ain't gonna happen ... not w/o bringing the foootball team to the conference.
I used to be firmly in that camp...but if the ultimate end here is 64 teams in superconferences ultimately breaking away from the NCAAs, ND has to give it consideration. They cannot get left out of national football debates/arguments. If being part of a conference ensures that I think they might do it.

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