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Injuries this season


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Aug 29, 2011
Now that the 2018 season is in the books and there's no chance of jinxing anyone on the team, I think it's safe to ask the question -
Did SU get lucky this year with injuries?

I'm not talking about being constantly banged up, which probably applied to most of the team.
It doesn't seem to me that a lot of playing minutes (at least relative to the previous 3-4 years) were lost due to injuries.

Here's an incomplete list of players injured this season, from August onward:

Dungey - rough ND game
Scoop Bradshaw
Trill Williams
Ifeatu Melifonwu
'Jake the Snake-Bit' Pickard
Tyrone Perkins (could have lost his leg?)
Kendell Coleman
Josh Black (concussion)
Antwan Cordy
Devon Clarke
Gabe Horan
Ravian Pierce
Cooper Lutz
Edward Hendrix (out for season with knee injury)
Nykeim Johnson
Devin Butler
Dontae Strickland

Eric's back injury against ND was really bad; I think it was the NY Post that wrote an article suggesting that his career was over.
Thanks to a magical hot tub, he obviously came back just a week later to give BC a beat-down.
If you look at previous seasons, key performers have been knocked out for several games. It's what I have come to expect to happen. But it didn't seem to happen in 2018.

I guess I'm just wondering if this should be the expectation going forward (due to increased depth, great conditioning) or if this was a bit of luck.
I know Dino earlier this year said they did some stuff differently in practice to avoid getting banged up in November like years past. Looks like those adjustments really helped out.
Yep we did pretty well with injuries this season.

That's another thing that can easily derail a season.

Might not be so lucky next year.
I said it at the Spring 2018 game and then again during the late summer practices. This was the first year that Syracuse University Football Players looked like ACC Football Players. That is a direct result of S&C Coach Edinger and his very able staff. Keep up the great work coaches and players. Go Orange!!!!!!

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