Is it too soon to complain about Duke flopping? |

Is it too soon to complain about Duke flopping?

Yes ... wait for the season and they flop against us.
It's ok; we've finally added that weapon to our arsenal. Fab can out-flop the best of them.
It's never too early to start complaining about dook flopping, tripping, whining, pushing, and kicking their legs out on 3-pointers. Hopefully the new charge circle will cut out some of the more stupid charges they have taken recently (while being dunked on).

As for NC getting all the calls, we do get our fair share, unless Karl Hess is working the game. If you see Karl Hess and his huge melon head about to throw the tip up before the game, get over to the IC Basketball boards quickly and enjoy the stage 10 meltdown.
Was it Karl Hess who tossed George Hicker out of the stands a couple of years ago?
He might not teach him the flop, but he'll teach him how to chew through a wall in no time flat.

(because Coach K is a rat, you see)

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