It's a fine line ... |

It's a fine line ...


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Aug 26, 2011
...between success and failure at any level of college football. But it is especially true for a team such as Syracuse that has had a lot of losing, and is only beginning to regain confidence. When the team failed on the fourth down plays in the first half, you could see the team tighten up. (Coaches and players alike.) Coming out of the locker room after the half, the RI players were jumping and visibly confident. The SU team looked worried.

We worry as fans, they worry as a team. I have great respect for the coaching staff and how they have coached up the players, and helped them to believe in themselves. But they are still at the point where their egos are fragile. This week the coaches have to be working hard on getting the team to believe in their abilities again. If they can catch a few breaks next weekend, win or lose, they can still come together this season and look like the team we thought the might be.
Not sure I agree with the worried part. I didn't look at the team to see if they looked worried nor the staff, but one of the greatest strengths of this staff IMO is that they instill a fighters mentality and they never quit until the final whistle.
I don't think they quit, but they were tight.
I suspect confidence is more of an issue for the long-suffering fan, and less so for the players who achieved an 8 win season last year and probably no longer dwell on the GROB era.

Confidence might not matter all that much in the physical battles between our OL and the RI d-line. If we can run the ball, and pass block, you gain some confidence. If not, maybe you should look concerned.

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