Kevin Lynch and My trip to NYC |

Kevin Lynch and My trip to NYC


Nov 29, 2018
When traveling to NYC on possibly the most disappointing sports weekend I have ever had I met Kevin Lynch the brother of our OC at the Blarney Rock. We were staying at the Hotel Pennsylvania (what a dump) but great location. He bought us a few drinks and spoke about the game plan in the ND game. He is a great dude and pretty knowledgeable as he is a former coach that now lives in Cali.

Either way, the game plan against ND was to have Eric minimize the pass rush of ND. They knew ND had an advantage there over our offensive line and were athletically superior as well. The plan was to let the broken plays happen and have Eric burn them a few times with his legs. They planned on Eric to have a huge rushing day and run quite a bit. Eventually if he got large chunks of yards on the ground, ND defensive line and linebackers who play more conservative giving us time to beat them on the deep ball with riley, etc...

I think that when Eric went down we were in trouble as Tommy doesn't have that same ability to beat them with his legs and let the chaos happen intentionally like they could with Eric. Just thought people would be interested in that...It makes sense. Love this coaching staff.

Either way, he wants us to keep the faith and said we have tremendous young talent and that Tommy will be a star.
just from the play he got hurt on, i got the sense it was a QB run heavy plan that day..
just from the play he got hurt on, i got the sense it was a QB run heavy plan that day..
Definitely and unfortunately we did not have a backup plan and/or DeVito was a over his head.

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