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Aug 29, 2011
During the Duke game, CJ saved the team with an all American effort during last 10 minutes (and Jermi dominance over "nobodies" in OT). TC saved the team with a 30+ pt out burst for ND. TE made that 35 ft shot against Pitt and Xmas saved the team with his best game of the year plus a timely steal. And during the BC game each one of them had the opportunity to save the team at some point during the few minutes of regulation or OT and wasn't able to do it. The heroes were there. I was ready to woop it up. I just hope that they get the chance during the next game and come through. Unfortunately I have this dire feeling of them going 1-4 over the next 5 and limping into the ACC tourney. Not my wish, just a dire feeling.
I have kept telling myself: this is good, we are winning games with only 1 player playing well and we aren't going to have all our guys playing this bad forever. Last night's game was not the direction I expected it to go, where it actually got worse, NONE of our players had a god game. CJ put up good numbers but on horrible shooting. Ennis was not superguy during the crunch, in fact he made several mental errors. Cooney airballed a clean look to tie the game. Grant was pretty well invisible for most of the night. Xmas was a non-factor, including allowin their guy to drive right to the basket for a layup in crunch time. Baye is clearly not ready to go, after about 2 minutes he was taken out and never went back, in other words the knee got worse.

I still don't think this spells doom. Are we tired? Just a slump? Needed the kick in the butt a loss would give them? Who knows? I still have a feeling we will play a good game against Duke, win or lose. We'll just have to see what happens.

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