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Maliq Appreciation Thread

Brown with 4 assists, 4 steals, 4 blocks and 0 turnovers. Chipped in with 19 points and 8; rebounds. He was brilliant. He and Copeland’s two man game down the stretch was the difference. They won the game.
One thousand % yes!!! Those.guys really get me excited for our potential. Wouldn't have been close without Chris tonight either.
He was definitely responsible at least 5 more steals tonight. He would had more rebounds if he wasn't busy shutting down Post. I know Copeland made some incredible passes, but a lot of that is Brown knowing where to be.
It is very difficult to separate the Copeland passes from the Brown positioning! We are just extremely blessed to have these two players complimenting each other. Orange wins!!!
Dude just deserves his own thread.
You will nog find a bigger Maliq Brown fan since we started recruiting him than me. So underrated, so efficient.

In my opinion he is our best all around player and it’s not even close.

He’s our best rebounder, best defender, dude doesn’t even get that many sets run for him if any at all and still drops 20. Gets hand on every ball on defense, blocks shots, smart player. Just so so good. Best player on this team.

Best part is, he’s probably a 4 year player for us. He doesn’t have the size for an NBA center or power forward, doesn’t have the elite explosiveness the NBA scouts look for. He’s just a very, very, very good college player. Enjoy him while we have him folks
You forgot his excellent FT shooting
Brown presents and he catches everything. Soft hands and can finish with both hands.
Pretty sure he was a fairly highly recruited TE in football too. 6 foot 9 is a bit much to be running fluid routes. I’m sure that helps him at catching everything in traffic around the rim
He’s been the most consistently reliable guy as well. Everyone else is very hot/cold.
He really is a tremendous player. I hope he doesn’t portal he’s a 1st team all ACC guy next year
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Maliq should get consideration for DPOY in the ACC. In the games I have watched I haven't seen a better defender who contributes both in the team concept and in individual match-ups.
He's been fantastic, but it's going to be tough to beat out Ryan Dunn who is just an absolute beast and 2nd place will probably be Flip.

I think Brown should be at least 3rd team All ACC and if this was a just and fair world, he'd be 2nd team easily.
He really is a tremendous player. I hope he doesn’t portal he’s a 1st team all ACC guy next year
If he keeps playing like he is he could be in consideration for 1st team this year, even though we know Bacot will get it by default no matter how he plays.
I agree that Brown has high bb iq.
He’s so frigging calm on the floor and has great hands for a big guy. Something that we haven’t had in quite a while.
Can’t say enough good things about the kid, he’s tremendous. Well deserved and long overdue recognition.
Agreed. I can’t even compare him to any player we’ve had before, he just has such a unique skill set. The opposing team loses eye sight of him for one second and it’s almost a guarantee he is making a play.
Maliq came close to the mythical 5 by 5 performance last night. This is very difficult to do in college hoops with 40 minute games and a longer shot clock. Using CBB reference's player game finder, I found two 5 by 5 performances since 2010-11.

This is the list of games of at least 5 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 blocks, sorted by steals in descending order:

This is the list of games of at least 19 points, 8 rebounds, 4 steals and 4 blocks, sorted by assists in descending order. It is also an exclusive club.

According to, there have been 21 5 by 5 performances among 13 players in the NBA since 1976. Who are these players? I thought you'd never ask.

Julius Erving (Dr. J)
George Gervin (Iceman)
Hakeem Olajuwon (The Dream)
David Robinson (The Admiral)
Derrick Coleman (DC aka 44 the legend)
Vlade Divac (King of Flop)
Jamaal Tinsley (Mel Mel the abuser)
Andrei Kirilenko (AK47)
Marcus Camby (Cambyman)
Nicolas Batum (Batman)
Draymond Green (DPOY)
Anthony Davis (The Brow)
Jusuf Nurkic (The Bosnian Beast)

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