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Manhattan Gameday...

Hottle, Kellogg, & McCarthy is the 3rd line that I hoped we’d roll with. It’s got speed, shooting, & an all-around guy. Let the freshmen develop together.
Nice to see Hiltz racking up the stats. It's a shame he missed the 22 season. He looked like a veteran in his freshman year.

“Happy with the game, always interesting when the team you play took the there head coach away and the players wanted to play well for coach O” - Gait

“Don’t remember when Syracuse has played three games in a week and the team got through it” - Gait

To be in any conversation with the Paul’s is great but we are playing the right way right now” - Spallina

Spallina on the goal he scored at the end of the half “scored a very similar goal like that in club”

“Always nice to have the short sticks and they are playing” - Olexo

“He does give us freedom but too much and we played for him today” - Olexo on coach O

“What it has done gives us time to look back and make adjustments” - Gait on the first three games

“He has been walking around with a Gate lacrosse hat so that is awesome. It's nice to have a football coach interested in lacrosse” - Gait on Syracuse football head coach Fran Brown being at the game
Random thoughts …

-Offense looked very good once again. Spallina looked great and didn’t look like he even broke a sweat. It doesn’t look like the offense runs through him per se, it’s just that he always seems to make the right pass, or take the right shot. It’s pretty remarkable.
-one bummer was when things slowed down as Manhattan moved to a zone defense. Surprised that Syracuse struggled with it, given that their MO is ball movement and good shooting. Might be something to watch though unclear how many teams will play it against them. Goalie made some nice saves, but still would have expected more.
-not sure the stats but the EMO hasn’t looked right. Not sure what it is. Birtwistle was back out there today which was good to see. Might just need a few games to lock in.
-nitpicky but it’s kind of a shame we haven’t seen Deere more involved with the second unit. Not advocating for him to see more minutes, I’d just like to see what he can do. Ball hardly comes for him when he is out there.
-nice game for the defense, though it didn’t look like the Jaspers were really up for it. They waited till the shot clock was all the way down before making a move to the goal on most possessions. Still I was impressed with Carter Rice, he looks like a different player out there this year. Fast, aggressive and is making really good decisions.
-really hope Figueiras is okay.
-I feel like each time I see him play, Caccamo looks like a pretty good defender. I’m not sure why he’s playing behind Kol still. Not giving him the starting spot before Maryland might be a missed opportunity.

Difficultly level goes way up next week, but this three week stretch gave us a lot to be hopeful for.

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