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Aug 20, 2011
A few people have commented that, if there isn't enough evidence to keep the story going ESPN will slink away, and that there is no reason for Syracuse or Fine to pursue any action because it keeps the story in the news. The more I think about it, the more I think that people who believe that are playing by the rules from 1985. With 24 hour media coverage, I don't believe that's the case any longer.

I was surprised that the falsely accused lax players at Duke didn't make a bigger issue out of the media bias in the reporting of the story. There were some reasons why they didn't - but the result is that a high percentage of people that didn't follow the story closely think Duke is where the lax players raped a girl.

I think if the story starts to fall apart (or even more importantly turn into a push), the LAST thing Syracuse can do is let the story end there. They need an all-out media blitz forcing ESPN to defend their coverage. It can start to change the perception nationally if Syracuse, Fox, NBC, etc are hammering away on a lack of journalistic integrity at ESPN.

I hope that's the way this plays out; if ESPN is allowed to walk away and there's no consequences for their reporting here, it really means that we've created a society in which there is no downside to randomly trashing people's reputation on the chance that maybe a blind squirrel finds a nut and you make your career on a story you guessed right. What I'm certain of is that if we play it the same way Duke did, we'll get the same unsatisfactory results - so I'd throw out the dusty old playbook and try something new.

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